Monday 3 July 2017

What is The Fall of Man?

The Fall is (merely) the dawn of consciousness - of self-awareness.

(There was a time when we were not self-aware, did not distinguish our-selves from our environment and memories: this happened in early childhood and early in Man's history - apparently; we each recapitulate human cultural history - in part, and in a sense. Then there was no problem of Good and evil - we just were, and did - passively.)

As soon as we are conscious, we are severed from the world.

(And thus we became free, agent; no longer passive 'effects' - our thinking was become a primary and self-aware cause; itself un-caused.)

But equally, we can be rejoined with the world in our thinking  which we inhabit - and in which we combine-in-one all that is thought (our self, our sensations and perceptions, our memories...).

The Problem is that modern people suppose thinking to be private, arbitrary and temporary. So it cannot be any real solution to anything...

Whereas; if we recognise (by direct intuitive knowing) that thinking is reality (I mean primary thinking of the real self, knowing in thinking its own freedom and agency...) - that everything we think is real and true and (potentially) universal...

Then (if you let it) the fact of thinking as a solution to alienation becomes valid, solid, satisfying. 

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