Sunday 8 October 2017

High Impact scientific journals are merely the mass media, fake news merchants, of Professional Research (I call it 'research' because it isn't 'science')

That's it.

Background in Not Even Trying; my mini-book about the corruption of science.


Seijio Arakawa said...

Putting in the work to help my supervisor's research group publish a paper at a high impact (computer science) conference, was the most foolish thing I've ever done. Educational, but foolish.

All of the most important questions about the research problem, the viability of what we were doing for practical use in the 'real world' (after all, CS is an engineering discipline, not a hard science), were treated as tertiary in importance, to be considered 'after we publish the paper' i.e. never, because afterwards of course everyone ought-to work on a new paper on some completely different topic. Forcing myself to think down to their level was incredibly foolish, and burned out my clairvoyance (metaphorically-speaking) for about a year. In addition to destroying my prior confidence that I would be able to find some kind of niche in the academic world.

Bruce Charlton said...

You pass the test. You will diminish, and go into the West and remain Arakawa.