Wednesday 11 October 2017

Metaphysical mismatch and the 'shallow hypocrisy' of Christians living in modernity

Modern, mainstream social discourse and behaviour is dishonest, insane, incoherent and (at root) overall-evil in its motivation -- thus for any real Christian involved with modernity, there will be not merely be conflict; but intrinsically a state of near-total opposition.

Christianity cannot be integrated with mainstream modern life - with the mass media, the interlinked bureaucracies, and social discourse/ social media - since modern culture is materialistic, utilitarian (hedonistic) and regards exclusively-this-worldly Leftist ideology as the deepest virtue.

Insofar as a real Christian has public dealings - so much will that Christian have a fake public facade.

Consequently, to those mainstream people whose ideology embraces modernity (that is, the mass majority of Westerners); Christians will appear like smiling automata - superficial and divided in their nature. That is: Hypocritical (by the modern definition.)

Superficial because their surface public interactions are not underpinned by their deepest convictions; and this is the division in their natures; and this division is understood as a fake public facade masking reality - which is hypocrisy...

It is a fact that a real Christian cannot participate in the modern world whole-heartedly, with the whole of his nature. And when he does, when is is compelled to do so, then the existence of duality, of splitting between surface and depth, is interpreted as a deception, manipulation, a lie, a fake. And this is correct in the sense that the real Christian is not the Christian that we see.

In modernity, one goal is to be authentic, a 'together' kind of personality, naturally integrated across all behaviours and situations, effortlessly yourself...

But real Christians cannot be authentic in their dealings with the modern world - because it would require integrating with purposive ugliness, sin and lies: integrating with the aims of those strategically-evil beings who dominate the Global, especially Western, leadership.

So the problem is intractable. We can only acknowledge and live-with-it; as best we may.


Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, engagement does not necessarily imply acceptance.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - No it doesn't, but the problem remains; because engagement requires a mode of thinking.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I was thinking more along the lines of military engagement.

Yes, it still requires a mode of thinking, but not one that scripture condemns as incompatible with Christianity. Nor the same one that underlies modernity.

Though the problem of using languages that have been intentionally corrupted to make the wisdom of the past less accessible is non trivial. That's why I'm so inclined to quibble over words or's not itself always a good thing, but it's often a necessary thing when all the important concepts of Western Civilization and especially of Christianity have been under such unrelenting linguistic assault for so long.

I have a special bugaboo about using the word "pride" to mean gratitude, or respect, or even humility. It can seem like the wrong time to interrupt when someone is expressing their gratitude and humility at being a parent, spouse, or whatever. But when they use the words "I am proud" to mean "I am grateful and humbled"...#Triggered.