Sunday 29 October 2017

Until the Western nations can make policy for explicitly Christian reasons, there is no reason for optimism

I often repeat the fact that the Western nations are paralysed and doomed to self-destruction until after a spiritual Christian revival: as things are now, all secular policy is lethal (overall).

This is because all secular policy is based on the false materialist metaphysics, which intrinsically denies any purpose or meaning to life.

And any (overall) good policy must be aiming at the good - and if the good is not Christian, then it is a false-good at best.

More usually modern Western public policy is a strategically net-evil policy; masquerading as promoting freedom, justice, happiness, wealth or something - for example the legal and procedural changes relating to the regulation of sex and sexuality over the past half century are all evil (i.e. deliberately destructive of good) by intent of those with power and influence who pressed for them.

Modern Western ethics are rotten through-and-through - tainted from top to bottom. These ethics will work-through to evil, inevitably. From where we are now, no good can come by the methods that are allowed and effective.

There can be no incremental approach to repentance and renewal from within the existing system; we must reach outside the materialist mind-set and see the world as created, and humans as intrinsically purposive.


Avro G said...

Amen. At this point it seems that "repent" is the dirtiest word in any language. Suggest to anyone that he repent of anything and you instantly become a bastard. Yet repentance is the one thing without which nothing good will come.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Really, it's not just that the current system refuses to act with explicitly Christian motives, or even with motives that Christianity explicitly commends. The system as it is refuses to act with any motive that Christianity does not explicitly condemn.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - Yes, in this late phase we have gone beyond subversion and inversion has become a more-and-more obvious motivation. The ground was prepared by eliminating the Christian metaphysics so thoroughly that such inversion is hardly recognised for what it is - Anti-Christ-ian.

Jackdawproxedet said...

You have a unique and
valuable insight.
Thanks for sharing.