Sunday 1 October 2017

Why is Primary Thinking necessarily - and unavoidably - so difficult to attain?

On the one hand I regard Primary Thinking as the single most vital attribute towards which modern Western Man must strive; on the other hand, this is very difficult and there is no recipe for it - because the essence of Primary Thinking includes that it is free, conscious and chosen.

In previous stages of human development, before the modern era (and in the childhood of modern persons), there was an instinctual way of doing things - to a greater or lesser extent. Development was a thing that 'just happened' to people - it came-upon people and overwhelmed them and imposed-itself; whether they liked or wanted it. Development was passive, it did not need to be understood, and it was not free.

But the next stage of human development - that which we here-and-now must seek - is the mode of divine; and it has characteristics which we can infer to be characteristic of the thinking of our God. So Primary Thinking must be consciously self-aware - knowing itself, subject to our will, free and agent, voluntary... In sum Primary Thinking must be thinking of-and-from our real and divine selves, in the divine mode.

(Our real self is divine by virtue of being in its essence eternal and uncreated; it is also divine by virtue of us having become sons and daughters of God; it is therefore divine because it is God-within-us - recognising that God is both universal and also unique to ourselves. We are each a part of God, and each also our unique and divine selves.)

So - the Primary Thinking we need to seek is something that each individual Man must discover and develop for himself. This must happen if he or she is to become more fully divine - adult, agent, autonomous. The alternative is to remain eternally a spiritual adolescent (because we have by now left-behind childhood - and adolescence is meant to be only a transitional state - not a permanent mode of being).

Thus, modern Man is not compelled to take the step to Primary Thinking (you personally are not compelled) - but if we do not make this step, we will remain eternal adolescents; neither children nor mature.

However, Primary Thinking cannot, therefore will not, just happen-to-us. It cannot come-upon us, cannot overwhelm us, cannot compel us... Will not creep-up on us, will not happen in sleep or unconsciously - it cannot be indoctrinated. In sum we cannot be manipulated into Primary Thinking by any means whatsoever.

Primary Thinking is something we Must Do; and also we must do it for ourselves in full awareness of what we are doing.

Primary Thinking must therefore be grasped and known by each person, in full consciousness of its implications; and embraced deliberately and from a free act of the soul.

This is not easy, and we should neither expect nor want it to be easy; and each of us (as an unique embryonic god) must ultimately do it for ourselves - must find our own path to Primary Thinking. 

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