Saturday 28 April 2018

Blog viewership continues to decline...

I have previously commented on a couple of very sudden, 'overnight', declines in this blog's Pageviews - this zig-zag declining continues as can be seen from the graph above - which shows Pageviews per month, peaking at December 2016 with more than 100,000 but now down to less than half of that.

My assumption is that this has nothing much to do with the blog itself - i.e. the content and frequency (except perhaps indirectly) - and everything to do with how it is indexed. I have never been able to establish whether this is/ was targeted specifcially at this blog (or this type of blog), or is a general phenomenon among daily blogs of this 'intermediate' degree of popularity.

Anyway, this is the down-trend, and it seems to be continuing.



Dexter said...

I continue to appreciate your fine work, as I have for many years now.

a_probst said...

Maybe it's just the first big wane after the first big wax with more waxes, one hopes, to come.

I've noticed that regular commenters come and go. When I make a foray into entries preceding my late-2014 discovery of your blog I see respondent names I don't recognize; they leave many comments over months or years then cease.

Are you referring to Blogspot's indexing or those of search engines? Treat that as a rhetorical question if you wish! No need to answer.

Yours is still listed on the blogrolls of others. And there is always the happenstance discoverers like me. I did a search of C.S. Lewis' phrase "a more or less contented subhumanity forever" to see what others might have to say about Limbo. Up came your blog as well as an American site called "Inkliverse".