Monday 9 April 2018

Groupishness has gone as a force for Good - the future is a spiritual alliance of those individuals who remember the creator

Materialist leftism is triumphant throughout the world leadership, and leftism is anti-Good. Attempts to organise groups to oppose it will not get anywhere - being wrong, doomed, futile etc.

What - then - is pro-Good is this world. The answer is that Good is derived only from specific individual persons (and perhaps not many of them).

Groupishness really is gone as a basis for the future - nobody now truly regards the group as superior to the individual, at least not in The West. For example - whatever they claim - I don't believe that those who affect to propound reaction really regard the group as superior to their own judgement.

Even the modern left - who so often use arguments or rationalisations about democracy, the people, the majority, consensus, the greater good, the intrinsic deservingness of oppressed groups... use these arguments cynically, expediently and dishonestly. The mass majority of leftists are, if anything, merely scared of 'the group' (whatever that group may be) - rather than regarding a group as intrinsically more-valid or more-virtuous than themselves (as their leftist ancestors sometimes used-to).

The significant division is first between those who regard the individual as a material entity and those who regard the individual as spiritual. Then - between those who regard the individual as spiritual - those who are on the side of creation (and God); and those who set themselves against creation (and ally with the demonic powers).

The new, Good individualism is therefor unified as a common alliance, all working on the same side, which is the side of reality; which is the side of creation; which is that which has been and is-being created.

The alliance for is of those who (in William Wildblood's phrase) Remember the Creator - or try to do so and repent when they do not.

These look out upon the world as a creation, ongoing - created by a personal God whose nature and character is known to them; and with whom they - voluntarily and from love - affiliate.

They do so because they believe-in Jesus Christ - that is to say they trust, they have faith in, Jesus; who created this world - and His Father, who is also Our Father.

And when the creator loves you, personally; that is the best possible reason for belief/ trust/ faith - and for alliance with creation.

How such a spiritual alliance of individuals will work-out in the Big Bad World is something I cannot predict and can barely imagine.

But I know that if it is what The Creator wants to happen - because it is what is best for us; then it will (somehow or another) be woven-into the always-being-generated web of reality.

And I also know that we should not be afraid nor should we be motivated by fear: faith casts-out fear, and fear is the opposite of love. 

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