Thursday 12 April 2018

The dead-eyed masses, the snake-eyed elites... more about the soul in the eyes

We should not complain about being excluded from the high levels of modern mainstream discourse - we should want an end to it, not to become complicit.

If someone does get-into a position of high status, power, fame; and remains there for more than a short time - it can easily be seen what happens to them: sooner rather than later they change (you can see it for yourself); they change from being one of the dead-eyed masses to one of the snake-eyed elite manipulators.

(Zombie to reptile...) 

To be elite is to be an active servant of evil, necessarily: because The System is evil.

(The System is a godless materialist bureaucracy, which means totalitarian, which means intrinsically and necessarily destructive of Good - of even the possibility of Good).

To make a wall in the mind between types of thinking is first to suppress and then to imprison the real (divine) self: this is to become a dead-eyed one.  

The light goes-out as the soul leaves the eyes.

The dead-eyed masses are, mentally, a loose collection of superficial selves - merely cognitive-processes: artificial, externally-driven, passive, unfree. The real self is gone, inaccessible - God-within-us has been imprisoned.

When the real self has-been walled-off, the eyes go dead. People are tools, not selves.

The snake-eyed ones are what our ancestors would have called 'demonically posessed' - that is, their real-divine self has not only been imprisoned, but replaced with demonic will.

Their eyes are not dead, but demonically-alive - snake-eyes: manipulative, lacking empathy; coldly enjoying only domination, deception, the destruction of beauty; the infliction of all types of suffering and (especially) of fear.

Sometimes a dead-eyed one will become 'useful enough' to become snake-eyed - the once dead eyes begin to glitter with calculating malice. This is promotion! This is to join the elites! The demon sits within, looking-out, gleeful at the situation.

To be dead-eyed is the norm among adults - although they can more-often be observed among teens, and even some younger children. It is the common response to the evil of the world - to ignore, cut-off, imprison the real self and develop a 'shell'. To do what 'works' instead of what we ought.

Only belief, faith, trust in the Holy Ghost is a defence - otherwise everybody succumbs, sooner or later.  Just look around...

But the soul may rekindle - this can only be done consciously, by choice, deliberately. And it can only be done with external help.

The opportunity of repentance and belief is always there, but we our-selves must grasp it; and to do so we must know it to be real and Good.

The soul may re-kindle, the real-self may break-free and activate; and the eyes may come-alive, may light-up with a glowing warmth!

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