Sunday 29 April 2018

Learning from the failure/ sabotage/ treason of Brexit-in-name-only

As it becomes ever more certain that we we have 'Brexit in name only', it is worth reflecting on what can be learned from the experience of the last couple of years.

One is that the entirety of our ruling elites - no matter what they said - is revealed as corrupt and evil-motivated; and becomes more so with every passing month. We knew this already, but it has been confirmed.

Another is the the British people are spiritually asleep, or rather self-stupefied; and we are unwilling to be awakened. If Brexit, and the 'leave' vote, was a chance to recognise our situation and do something about it - then we now perceive that the situation was not recognised and nothing was done.

I detect not-the-slightest qualitative change for the better in UK public discourse; but public discourse is changing, in that the program of corruption and inversion of Good continues to accelerate - and indeed has taken on a somewhat wild and reckless quality. This may have been the main legacy of the pro-Brexit vote - and may also represent the best (remote) hope for a spiritual awakening.

'Remote' because now Albion's best hope is in the errors and excesses of our enemies - that an increased irritation and anger, increased rapidity of accelerating evil, might prove sufficiently noticeable and provocative to overcome the endemic blindness, insanity, fear, resentment and despair that besets the nation.

Initially, though, I see no way that Good can happen without a significant disengagement - from the mass/ social media and the mass of propaganda and dissipation (include interpersonal timewasting generally).

This would initially be negative - perhaps visible in a collapse of mass media participation, from so-called-work and learning; in people not doing things, not buying things...

Only after some such disengagement could there be search, discovery, awakening; then faith, hope and energy.

As so often, things must (appear to) get worse, before they can (really) get better...


Seijio Arakawa said...

I don’t understand the political dynamics behind Brexit, (how could I - an ocean away?) but my impression is that an impersonal initiative such as Brexit seems much easier to vote for, compared to a political movement electing an individual, who will typically be odious to many people for reasons perhaps completely irrelevant to their platform. I could certainly see myself politically supporting a Brexit movement, much more so than voting for a figure such as Trump. But that is also one of the referendum’s fallacies — without any people responsible and having the power to act, it amounts to voting for a piece of paper and assuming the paper has power to enact itself. This is no different from a bureaucracy assuming that a body of rules / regulations or a written constitution can obviate the need for people responsible and capable of making choices — which inevitably mean choices for better or for worse, which implies a need for moral behaviour.

I suspect Brexit-in-name-only might do more net good in terms of cementing a general (silent, unremarked-on by the mass media) lack-of-confidence in corrupt bureaucratic systems to accomplish anything. A Brexit performed efficiently according to current understanding of how such things happen, by the same kind of people that already run the world, would be disastrous, as the efficient enactment would plug the country right back into the same web of faceless international bureaucracies, just on a different level. A secular Britain cut off from EU is not much different from a secular Britain joined to the EU. There could remain plenty of poisonous things that must be disengaged-from, and no obvious catalyst to drive the disengagement.

The only logical motivations I can see for anti-globalism are either — pure spite (from those who have failed to share in worldly benefits — such spite is understandable but net-evil) — or the worthy goal, carrying out an economic sacrifice in pursuit of a transcendent goal, because bureaucratic globalism precludes such things entirely. People have not reached the second motivation, neither in Britain nor here in America. So while on the individual and worldly level everything might be disastrous, the current course of events still plausibly fits a divine plan.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Seijio - Good analysis. I was only interested in Brexit as a beginning - and it has not been a beginning. There is little/ no resistance to bureaucracy in Britain, much less than 25 years ago - partly because all major institutions are feminised. There is no sign of a Christian awakening.

Bureaucracy just-is evil (because deleting of responsibility, hence morality); but it can be stopped and turned-back only by religion (and not religiously-themed bureaucracy - which is what the major Western churches have become - the Church of England being a clear example). Global bureaucracy is merely covert satanism - it is the major strategy of purposive evil; its goal is universal damnation.

All bureaucracies are now linked, all support each other in expanding, and will tend to converge. The National Socialists achieved great things by abolishing bureacracy and replacing it with a military structure (Fuhrerprinzip) - which was clearly far more efficient than any rival system; and was perhaps the *real* reason why the victorious bureaucracies demonised the NSs.

But there is no motivation to do any of this when atheism is the only allowable public discourse, and religious faith is so weak, confused, conflicted