Wednesday 25 April 2018

Understanding where you, personally, came-from is (or should be) experiential

Belief means something like truth and faith, and that means something like what a loving child of loving parents feels about them - So... belief in Jesus is that Jesus can, and will, lead us to life eternal...

But life eternal instead of what? Eternal is not being contrasted with temporary, as probably most moderns would assume. Life eternal is about the fullest possible form of life - and it being contrasted with a mere and partial survival of the soul-with-body after death.

But why by belief in Jesus? Because it was necessary; it was the only way it could happen.

(Without Jesus - this mortal life on earth would not be worth having - as many people have intuited.)

You need to understand for yourself, and one neglected aspect means to understand for yourself where we came from (as our selves, as the ultimate 'I') - that is, where we (personally) originated...

Not just as a theory, but understand as an intuitive experience.

We therefore need to remember.

Have you ever tried, seriously, to remember your origins? Not much could be more important than doing-so...

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