Saturday 15 December 2018

I'm delighted with the Brexit mess

I was pleased by the Brexit vote (although, as readers know, I have not participated in any kind of voting for many years); but I was delighted mainly because it gave some hope that the English people had not been utterly cowed.

Placing a vote for Brexit isn't much, it is indeed very little - but it was considerably more than I believed we as a nation were capable of.

So, I hoped that it would presage a spiritual, Christian Awakening of Albion - and soon after we started a blog dedicated to that hope.

There has not been any such awakening; but the way that Brexit has played-out over the past two and a half years has provided the best possible stimulus to lead free and thoughtful people to some correct conclusions about the British (Globalist) ruling Establishment.

They have shown-themselves, they have revealed their attitudes; and it has been easy to observe that all of mainstream politics (all parties, major institution's leaders, managerial minions, officials, mass media - the whole gang) is professionally corrupt, dishonest, cowardly, servile to evil, and acting on the basis of moral inversion.

It has all been spread-out for us, day by day, week by week, year by year - things do not ever get clearer than this.

Whether many people have had their eyes-opened, have had the scales drop, or the blinkers removed - I really don't know; although I think I sense something positive, some positive shift, at an imperceptible and unverifiable intuitive level - although it may-well be wishful-thinking.

But given that I knew that the Establishment would never lead England into a Brexit that was worth having; it really couldn't have gone any better, in terms of this being seen to be the case.

If England wants a real Brexit, or anything better; then it will not be done by voting, or by any other means that depends on our leadership class to implement it. If that message is beginning to get through, then that will be a stride in the right direction.