Tuesday 4 December 2018

SJWs, deplatforming and political correctness aren't at all new; just more widespread

Just a point of information - political correctness and deplatforming by SJWs began from the middle 1960s in relation to (physical) attacks on IQ researchers such as the (world famous and highly prestigious) academics Hans Eysenck and Arthur Jensen - and these have continued since.

The reason that IQ researching psychologists was first to be singled-out for suppression; was that the core of mainstream Left (labour, liberal, socialist, democrat) political agenda since the middle sixties has been driven by outrage at the 'injustice' of evidence of group inequalities in salary/ education/ status/ health and other outcomes; inequalities which can be explained-away by differences in average intelligence and personality.

The evidence for this is vast and (by normal and rigorous standards) conclusive - so the research had to be suppressed, and it has been suppressed; by means of demonising, attacking and deplatforming the researchers and publicists.

This is important if we want to understand the current daily and increasing deplatformings, service denials and sackings of a wide swathe of even vaguely (or merely allegedly) dissident individuals and groups.

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Bruce Charlton said...

Chiu ChunLing has left a new comment on your post "SJWs, deplatforming and political correctness aren...":

There is an unsubtle moral difference between explaining something and explaining it away.

When we explain a thing, we acknowledge that it is "real" and explore why it occurs. When we explain something away, we deny that it is anything other than an illusion.

Group social disparities are real, and they have root causes based in innate disparities in the abilities of different groups, which is a driving factor in causing people to identify with groups in the first place. Certainly not the only factor, but a far more significant one than most people admit.