Sunday 30 December 2018

Midwit sophomoric modernity: The difficulty of Christian evangelism in The West - Christianity is either too simple, or too deep

Modernity is rooted in a midwit, sophomoric mode of thinking and reasoning.

On the one hand, the mainstream rejects the simple and obvious - even/ especially when it is correct - as this seems too dumb or childish to be true. The typical modern person has the adolescent arrogance and self-superiority when it comes to anything child-like.

On the other hand, anything which requires deep or consecutive thinking - exposure and critique of basic assumptions, or following a multi-step chain of reasoning - is also rejected. The modern individual is easily overwhelmed by impatience, is unable to concentrate, has too low a boredom threshold - and reacts with suspicion, anger and a resentful sense of 'entitlement' to this kind of challenge.

Thus, even though the the mainstream modern person (which is almost everybody, but especially the leadership class and its servants) holds to a set of assumptions, beliefs and behaviours that are unexamined and incoherent to a degree unique in world history; this futile and self-destructive world view is, in practice, almost unassailable.

Any alternative that is happier and more hopeful is regarded as childish self-deception; anything perceived to limit or discern is regarded as a dishonest manipulation.

My conclusion is that Christian evangelists should be responsive rather than pro-active. Proactivity will almost certainly be a waste of time, and perhaps counter-productive in terms of fulfilling negative prejudices; but by (without delay) making the time (and effort) to respond to a genuine query derived from (probably inarticulate and instinctive) dissatisfaction at the prevalent evil and nihilism... well, the Christian has at least a chance of making a positive difference.

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