Monday 17 December 2018

What is intuition? How do we know it?

Intuition is self-validating - and intuition is the only self-validating form of knowing.

Intuition is the foundation of all knowing - all valid knowledge derived from reason and evidence can be traced back to an intuition. If not traceable back to an intuition, then it cannot be known to be valid. 

A valid foundation is an intuition; any other foundation is arbitrary. 

Intuition is the same thing as direct-knowing; it does not come from 'evidence'.

Intuition is a simple knowing-the-truth-of something; and that can only be in response to a simple question that is emerged or posed in a state (probably momentary) of absolute clarity, with absolute sincerity, with the pure motivation of wanting to know.

Once something is known from intuition, it will be confirmed by later 'evidence' - so long as that evidence is itself confirmed by intuition.

No amount of any other kind of 'evidence' should ever be allowed to overcome an intuition. 

The confirmation of an intuition comes from being able to repeat the experience of intuition whenever the same state of simplicity and clarity can be attained.

Intuition is a gift, and one we are all born with, and have access to - but for most people most of the time intuition is not looked-for - and arbitrary assumption is preferred, as being short-term expedient. Even worse, the gift of spontaneous intuition is disbelieved, disdained and rejected.

So, our first intuition must be to know the validity of intuition...