Tuesday 18 December 2018

Is your life and my life Fit-for-Purpose? - or, did God do a bad job in making this world?

This is a basic question - and needs asking.

And we know the answer.

For a Christian, it seems to me that the answer must-be Yes, my life is fit-for-purpose and No, God did not do a bad job.

Our faith Must Be that a God who is both the creator and our loving Father must-have made a world that is fit-for-purpose - everywhere and for all Men.

This has-to be true, because God created this world, and loves each of us. It is really that simple; and things that simple can be known with intuitive sureness. If we think otherwise, on whatever basis, then we are mistaken.

Fit-for-purpose... The question then arises - What is that purpose?

The general state of people and things makes clear that the purpose is not, cannot be, any kind of perfection... But the world is well-suited to providing us with a vast range of never-repeating experiences, and we are able to learn from these experiences.

In sum - this is a world of change, and a world of trials-and-errors (as well as successes), or attempts and failures (as well as triumphs). But in the end, nothing succeeds in this world, because everything is labile; prone to corruption and death.

But that fact cannot matter, fundamentally, to the prime purpose of reality, of creation.

It must-be that every single individual person alive now or ever, and in whatever situation, is able (If they Try) to get from their own life what they need. What each person needs is available to them.

(We cannot know the specifics for other people, but we can for our-selves - if we try...)

It may well be (it looks that way) that many or most people do not actually get what they need, learn what they need - but then, very few people (apparently) make the attempt.

They don't even ask...

And - of course - what we each need from this mortal life is not something that is needed for this mortal life; but that which is needed for the eternity to follow.

In sum: every individual person is able to learn what they need to learn, for eternal life after death - regardless of themselves and their circumstances; but (probably, in practice) not everyone does-so.  

Of course, I am taking a minimal approach to what is needed. Yes we can always get what is needed; but to live our won life optimally is a very different, much harder, probably not universal thing. God cannot do that for us, neither can we do it alone... Of course - given such and other constraints, God will do his best to ensure that the seeker does as well as possible. But we can always find what is needed - in some way, it will always be made available to each seeker; and made available before it is too late (whenever that may be).