Tuesday 11 December 2018

The demons do not want the Left to win...

My knowledge of 'what is going on' according to public discourse is restricted to headlines; but from them I can see that those who oppose the Left are still talking politics; and thereby playing into the hands of the demonic overlords of the Left.

Demonic objectives are related to the best conditions for the damnation of Men's souls - and not about which side 'wins' in politics. They will succeed insofar as Men regard life as being about politics; rather than about salvation in an eternal spiritual context.

Defeating the current Global Establishment conspiracy does not matter either way, unless the result is for Men to come to their senses and realise the peril of their souls and recognise the everlasting scope of the human condition.

We need to recall that the perfect result for demons is not the success of the Left, and the subordination of the masses; but that the whole of humanity be embroiled in materialist politicking; such that it matters more than anything else; such that Men's hopes and fears are all to do with material conditions and emotional states experienced in this mortal life.

That would indeed be victory for the demons. Whoever happens to 'win'.


Chiu ChunLing said...

Keeping in mind that widespread damnation is also a means to an end in their view.

What they want is that no one should be better, in any way, than themselves.

But of course, simply by desiring that, let alone acting on it, particularly by acting on nothing else, they ensure that they are forever worse in every way that matters.

whitestone said...

Fair enough, it seems to me that the forces of evil are playing right and left against eachother and would enjoy nothing more than than seeing them thrown into the most atrocious civil war ever witnessed in the history of mankind, and then retreat into their invisible fortresses to wack off over the ensuing misery and carnage,but how best to engage in the battle against spiritual wickedness in high places, when these principalities are hell bent on the destruction of all that is good true and beautiful about our lands nations cultures and people’s in body mind and spirit. Such things are of value and importance too and must be defended. It seems selfish and defeatist to care only about our own mortal souls. How best to do battle with these forces in the world in defense of not only our souls but our cultures and inheritances. Surely we must engage the enemy in the political domain also.
My question is, one that I’ve struggled with for a very long time, if our battle is with spiritual wickedness in high places, how best to do battle with these forces in every domain where they are active?

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - Maybe, but civil war may lead to heroic virtue, which They don't want, and indeed greatly fear.

They certainly want maximal endemic fear and resentment; but if this can be inculcated without actual war, without (especially) any awareness of the actually-existing spiritual war - that would suit Them better.

I can't see any way that 'we' (who? - precious few) can defend a culture and inheritance that does not want to be defended, that - on the contrary - either actively yearns and seeks for its own destruction, or else tranquillizes, dissipates and distracts itself.

To me this is exactly where faith is required; we each have to look after our corner (our-selves, our families, our immediate circles - that which we know by experience - not secondhand, not from media) as best we can, and have faith that any success we achieve in terms of our own faith and consciousness *will* (for sure) affect the larger situation, by means that are imperceptible, at a higher and more direct level than the causes and communications of which we know.

God can amplify, can massively increase the impact-of, any small attainments that individual people make; but we need to provide him with the raw materials to work on. That is our job, for each and everyone; and nobody else can do what each of us can, potentially - uniquely, do in this realm.

If enough people did this - well, problem solved.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Maximum endemic fear and resentment will always lead to war.

Once you hit the death spiral where the level of fear and resentment begins to materially affect economic productivity, generating a runaway feedback loop of more resentment and fear, that loop cannot be reigned back in without prosecution of the real culprits. And war is the only way that can happen if the real culprits have enough socio-economic power to avoid being prosecuted by any other means.

Denying this truth is only motivated by one thing.

Fear and resentment.

And not just fear and resentment of people. Fear and resentment of Justice.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - In the past, not now. The demonic plan is apparently that the world will be locked-down under a single totalitarian (hidden) government - the plan is not war. Of course, the plan is flawed - but my point is that They don't want war, not as first choice.

whitestone said...

War? Not yet , but perhaps later. When all the pieces are in place. That coupled with total economic meltdown. In a world where the populace has been made completely reliant upon the state for its subsistence and redendered incapable of feeding itself. Then the appearance of a strongman to rule over us all. Order from chaos. The populace will go along with anything under such circumstances. Wild speculation forgive me.
Yet if we are talking about a hidden government, which we most certainly are, then one tactic would surely be to smoke them out and expose them for what they are. But who would believe you and who would care when their stomachs are full and the WiFi is functioning. Most would shrug their shoulders and say that’s just how it is. There seems to be an almost universal intuitive feeling of disempowerment and inevitability in the face of worldly events. Perhaps they are not wrong?

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - I agrre with your broad scheme of The Plan - and so does my favourite 'conspiracy theorist' - https://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/search?q=Icke - it has become easy to 'reverse engineer' from the components of the long term strategy, as we experience it applied to ourselves.

wrt exposing the hidden government, the personnel are pretty well known in some circles, at least in outline - for example George Soros; but, as you say, most people are adept at denying the obvious, or are apid to do so.

But there is a small scale awakening, of people who were 'inside' the system and unaware of its nature and goals, but who moved outside and become so. This is probably the main spiritual test of our time, in The West. It is what we need to learn - and in a sense it is being made very easy for us - easier every week. For some people, simply cutting back on the quantity of mass/ social media is enough to trigger a realisation.

Stopping IT happening at the physical level is not really the point - because the intended harm is spiritual - and all civilizations, all planets are limited in time (but we aren't); and Christians expect this world to end, sooner or later.