Thursday 23 May 2019

From 'Team building away-days' to Demonic rule of the world

It must have been two or three decades ago (depending on one's job) that Team Building, and Away Days became a part of corporate and institutional life here in Britain. These are (cynical) attempts to manufacture a kind-of temporary and transferable 'loyalty' that can then be (temporarily and transferably) be exploited by the organisation.

Another thread was the advent and increase of internal propaganda - so that public relations units came into existence, and expended considerable energy on 'advertising' to the employees of the organisation itself - magazines, newsletters, weekly 'festivals', banners, posters, meetings, TV screens... all propagandising about the organisation's mission, successes, importance, virtue etc.

There was also a great increase in the general ideological monitoring of employees - a reintroduction and inversion of the pre-modern era when all people in all groups were expected to support the state religion, attend compulsory church services, adhere to mainstream religious morality in their private lives - and where all social institutions would aim to enforce this. It again became normal for a person not to be appointed, not to be promoted and to be sacked for failing to practice the approved ideology. 

As usual, such events were misunderstood to be an expensive waste of time and resources, because they were ineffective at achieving their stated, explicit goals - distracting people from the fact they such behaviour was instead achieving unstated, implicit goals.

Thus the modern organisation was equipped with the apparatus of the typical secular totalitarian state; thus the modern organisation was made into a unit of the totalitarian society.

What this actually means is that all institutions became very similar - in their core, mandatory, ideological activities. And this means that all organisations become inessential, replaceable, disposable...

What this means is that from the individual perspective, there is no reason for loyalty to any social group - since all groups are merely versions of the same ideology, and all groups are mere expediences.

What this means is that all people with power and responsibility - I mean the managers, the chief executives and the like - have no interest in the organisations they administer. They all do a job, and that job is transferable to other organisations that ostensibly do other things - indeed, that is the normal career path. A CEO might run a cheese factory, then a charity, then a university, then a government department, then a bank, then the United Nations...

What this means is that predatory management is normal, indeed almost compulsory; and extends to the very top of society. Every Boss is exploiting the organisation for his career, and is perfectly happy when the organisation declines, goes bankrupt, or is taken-over - so long as his career trajectory continues upward.

And this, as I say, goes all the way to the top - to the Head of State - the Prime Minister, President or whatever. People seem surprised that Heads of State behave such as to destroy their 'own' political parties, but this is just normal careerism. People seem surprised that Heads of State strategically and sytematically works to destroy the nations that they ostensibly head-up, but this is just normal careerism.

The only point at which this disloyalty stops is - presumably - the Global Establishment; which I believe to be demonically controlled (and indeed possessed).  At thta leye either you are loyal to the agenda of evil, or else you are your-self incorporated as a part of it.

Thus purposive, strategic evil permeates the world, pretty much from top to bottom. Of course They don't make everything that everybody does all or the time into evil - that is much too difficult; and indeed evil can only (in principle) be partial if it is to be effective...

However They are running this world at the level of all major organisations, institutions and corporations; and it is important to acknowledge the fact. 

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