Friday 12 March 2021

Nobody genuinely resists - but some genuinely repent

It is so hard to eradicate materialist ways of thinking! 

Discerning the 2020 Litmus Tests is not about resistance - which is a material thing; but repentance - which is a spiritual thing. 

After all, the Tests are just a part of The System which (although still, and always, any System is very incomplete) is already far more powerful and pervasive than anything in history. 

We never before even approached the actual, current situation of world-government and unified-mass-media. Never before has the multi-generational ruling class of Men been so strongly and on-average affiliated with the demonic agenda. 

And since all major institutions are assimilated (more or less) into The System; then any resistance will be 'me against the world'. 

Once this is realized; we can put aside prideful and grandiose fantasies of material resistance or 'opting-out'; and the focus our effort on spiritual discernment and repentance; on salvation and theosis; on learning from worldly experience to prepare for resurrected Heavenly life beyond biological death.  

...Yet, it so happens that this is also the most effective possible form of material resistance - since God can work-through a repentant, God-aligned Man. 

But resistance is not why we do it; thus we should not 'plan' our resistance; but follow as intuition suggests. 

The right means will lead to the right ends - even when we do not know how this will happen, and do not know those ends. 

The intention is that we repent our inevitable, unavoidable participation in evil because we are on the side of God, Good and divine creation. 

That is difficult enough, it is enough for salvation...

And repentance may be a great deal more than 'enough', with God's help - when such is possible. 


Francis Berger said...

Bruce, I really appreciate your recent posts on this topic, the content of which connects well to my own intuitive understanding of the importance of system-distancing as a spiritual imperative.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Good post, Bruce.

It's really that simple.

Avalon John said...

This is perfect, thank you.

Rich said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent!