Thursday 1 April 2021

Why now? Why did 2020 have to wait until 2020?

Why did the Global Establishment wait until 2020 to launch its coup and implement a global totalitarian government? The answer lies in the tremendous success of the coup; and the fact that very few people have even noticed it. It is the not noticing that is key. 

Some analysts talk about this being a 'soft' totalitarianism, because it relies on propaganda and manipulation of public opinion more than violence and terror; but that is to put the matter upside down. What we have now is not 'soft' but successful totalitarianism, and the need for violence and terror was a mark of the failure of previous systems. 

Previously in history; people's world view was based in religion (God or gods) and outside of this mortal-earthly life; which gave them them a root, focus and coherence of observation and thought that is now altogether absent. Now, Men are rootless, adrift - and incoherent without awareness of the fact. 

Also, past people lived in 'real life' rooted in their own experience and common sense reasoning. Now people live 'virtually' and take their information and interpretations from The System; because (lacking religion, denying the spiritual) they know nothing, experience nothing, that is out-with The System. 

Men now live virtually within The System - and The System includes all public discourse and activity - politics, government, law, the economy, the mass media, police and the military, churches, science, arts, education... All are linked and controlled bureaucratically and via the media information system*. 

In the past a totalitarian government of the world would have been just too difficult - beyond the reach of any authority; not least because it would have been obvious, and would have evoked widespread and vehement resistance. 

But now, the obvious is ignored; and the false but System-endorsed is accepted in the teeth of personal experience and common knowledge. 

And (especially in the developed world) the masses, the 'expert' class, the population generally - have been so degraded and demotivated by several generations of what amounts to arrested cynical adolescence, that they are without courage - because courage requires principle, and thoroughly godless Men have no basis for principle. 

So, this time - in 2020 - the world government has been successfully implemented and without resistance, because people have not been told explicitly about it by The System - therefore they do not know. 

And even if people do think for themselves, for a little while, and consequently begin to realize what has happened - their lack of principles and courage means that they will soon realize that it is most expedient to go-along-with The System because... why not? What else is there?

Another factor - related to the godless materialism - is that people regard action as the only reality and thinking as disconnected, subjective, ineffectual. So, people assume that - if they are not going to take some action 'against The System' (which would, almost certainly, be ineffectual or counter-productive; and which they are too cowardly even to contemplate anyway) then there is no point even in thinking about it. 

Best to quench all doubts and re-immerse oneself in the pervasive propaganda and re-engage with the mainstream discourse... 

Yet in the past - and in truth - it was always known that thinking was effectual - that thinking can directly-affect reality, affect the universe. 

You may remember as a young child knowing this as a truth - remember believing that thinking a thing could make-it-so; and you may actually have experienced this happening.

Of course it is not as simple as superficially 'having thoughts' then making those thoughts happen, clearly that is not true; since most thoughts are passive, superficial, merely passing-through the mind. 

But some thoughts of a particular and profound kind can, and necessarily do, affect the universe. 

Modern totalitarianism is, therefore, so effective because modern people have outsourced their thinking to The System.  

If modern people were to think, really to think; then the current totalitarianism would not be possible; because people would observe for themselves, evaluate for themselves, would notice

They would be free in thinking because they would be standing out-with The System in their thought. 

And that thinking - that kind of thinking - just-does make a difference, objectively; because by-it we are participating in divine creation. 

*Even for modern mass Man, there is a world out-with The System - but that world is formless chaos; about which nothing can be known except that it is utterly destructive. So the perceived 'mainstream', Establishment options are either to live in The System, in whatever way The System dictates - or else to die. At present most people prefer survival under any terms - but that may not always be the case; and despair may lead many people to choose chaos, destruction and death in preference to the kind of life The System enforces. To a smallish but significant extent this is already happening; but suicide and other forms of willed self-destruction may (soon) become endemic, common and 'normal'.  


Jacob Gittes said...

This is a great post.
Thanks you, Bruce.
I am struck by how few people can "see" the plain truth.
I was at my mother's church last Sunday for Palm Sunday. It's a free-church and the pastor is a bit too televangelisty for my taste, but he's a good man, and I liked his sermon.
Anyway, there was a nice lunch afterwards.
I should add that 90% of the people there were unmasked.
The topic of the corvid plandemic of course came up, and the minister assented when I simply said, "There is no pandemic. If TV and the government didn't tell you there was a pandemic, you wouldn't know there is a pandemic, because no 'extra' people have died in the past year."

That's my basic line now, said without anger or frustration, but as a simple fact. I like this unemotional approach, because people either think I'm nuts and leave me alone, or they are piqued and interested when someone states what they were already suspecting.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

@Jake - I suspect a fair number of people, perhaps more than you might imagine, can see through a lot of the systems nonsense. It hasn't been very rare for me to meet someone who reveals to me some "alt-right" thoughts in private.

Yet these people usually still are (even if they vehemently believe otherwise) believers in the system because they have no other frame of reference or underlying principles to replace it with. Simply put, they are materialistic atheists at their core even if they have some hang up about this, that or the other system policy.

Avro G said...

“Previously in history; people's world view was based in religion (God or gods) and outside of this mortal-earthly life; which gave them them a root, focus and coherence of observation and thought ...”

It was this fact that allowed the US founding fathers to establish a constitutional republic. Few were “experts” but the vast majority were moral and lucid men of character. This appears to be no longer true.

joe smo said...

Simpler than this analysis, people used to grow their own food. Now you're dependent on a job (like a slave) to make money, to buy food at restaurants and the grocery store. People who own farms and grow their own food can fight back; people who even when they "own" property merely are renting a house (property tax) from the government and the yard is too small to even grow enough food to entirely feed one person, cannot realistically fight The System.

joe smo said...

In other words, The System conquerer us already during the Industrial Revolution. We just didn't realize it until now.

Bruce Charlton said...

@js - "Simpler than this analysis, people used to grow their own food. Now you're dependent on a job (like a slave) to make money"

I agree that this alienation is important, but this is essentially spiritual, not material. Most actual owned/ controlled slaves were growing their own (and other people's) food, after all. Then there were serfs, tied to the land, compelled to that work.

"People who own farms and grow their own food can fight back"

Yes - anybody can 'fight back' (whatever that means) - but they don't; they don't even resist verbally, don't even think independently (in most cases) - because they are godless, so there are no rooted principles, and no reason to do anything which has no immediate payoff in gratification, status, wealth or whatever.

Also - they are insane, hence incoherent in thinking; so they do not even know their situation, cannot comprehend what is around them.

The malaise is far deeper and more severe than could be solved by growing food, or owning land, or any other materialist 'fix'.