Monday 7 June 2021

The reality of the birdemic was a collective choice making a collective reality

In this stage of human consciousness; we create reality by choice. The choice is inescapable - although it can be (usually is) denied. 

Thus people talk all the time (incessantly, but dishonestly) about the importance of facts ('fact-checking'), evidence (evidence-based') and objectivity ('real world') - while their (labile and incoherent) beliefs and behaviours are clearly made-up from from propaganda and feelings. 

The birdemic was and is caused by human consciousness. Its reality derives from a collective decision that it should happen. Ultimately, the birdemic is true to billions of people because the world wants it. 

The birdemic is not like any previous 'pandemic' - it could not have been possible a generation ago - it is a consequence of changed human consciousness from around the millennium; first clear evidence of which was the triumph of the trans-agenda. 

From then, we knew that anything was possible; anything could and would be believed - and collective reality would track collective choices. 

Every aspect of the birdemic was a Big Lie, and known to be such, but it makes no difference because there was a collective choice that things should be thus. 

What is this collective choice of the birdemic? 

Quite simply - a choice for Hell. It is a choice of what is most-important; choice of what-should-be; and therefore a choice of what will-not-be. 

What will not be with the birdemic-choice includes God, divine creation, The Good and the following of Jesus Christ to resurrected life eternal in Heaven. 

Collective human choice made the birdemic-reality an existential choice concerning the nature of the world. 

Consequently (unless one repents) the birdemic now is the nature of the world, for a very large proportion of mankind.  

As of 2021; Men just are Beings that make their world, by choice; and the implication is that Our world just is Our responsibility.

So, be care-full what world you inhabit - you have made it thus. If you do not like the birdemic world that most Men have chosen - if you find it evil; you can make another and better world. And if you do not make another and better; then this is the world you have chosen - and for which you are inescapably responsible. 


Avro G said...

Thank you for another clarifying post. You write of the triumph of the trans-agenda: "From then, we knew that anything was possible; anything could and would be believed - and collective reality would track collective choices."

It seems to me that there have been a number of enormities which the public has swallowed going back at least to the JFK assassination with 9/11® as the "mother" of them all. The mere fact that WTC 7 could happen in front of the world's eyes and then effectively disappear in a puff of stage smoke proves that all but a tiny fringe of people are desiccated husks. But such discrete incidents were proof-of-concept-studies/conditioning-events for our current un-reality show where EVERYTHING is bullshit ALL the time.

We have to consciously CHOOSE, moment by moment, as individuals, not to go along.

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:"

– Deuteronomy 30:19

Jacob Gittes said...

"Consequently (unless one repents) the birdemic now is the nature of the world, for a very large proportion of mankind."

Even though the so-called "mask mandate" is lifted here, there are people who continue to wear masks. The research on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) matter not. Even the government itself telling them that it's OK to not wear one doesn't matter. Amazing to see - a reality is created ex nihilo by the authorities, and then the authorities can't even undo it.

I sense a certain willfulness that I associate instinctively with evil in the people who hold on to this new model of birdemic existence. They don't want to go back to visible smiles, in-person events, and human touch. What kind of consciousness would choose that? That's what is hard for me to fathom. I understand why most people are frightened into birdemic measures, but it's harder to understand why some would want to obsessively stay in that state even when told that they may leave.

In the 1970's, the swine flu thing fizzled rapidly. There seemed to be modicum of honesty and integrity left in the system. Now, the system has neutralized the naïve holdouts who believed in things like objectivity and disinterested science. Of course, the system won't survive long with such people in control and doing "science," but then, as Bruce has shown, the system doesn't even care about its own survival any longer.

David Earle said...

@Jake, I had this feeling last Summer, that even if local governments were to say we can go back to normal, people would loudly reject them, claim they are putting lives at risk, and call for their resignation. It was probably at that point I accepted that nobody was really doing this to us but rather a pathway to an alternative reality was provided for people already predisposed to take it, and they took it. And here we are. And here they are.

The need for this false sense of security has revealed some deeply rooted inversion of values in modern people.