Sunday 28 November 2021

England commences its next wave of (fake) birdemic-excused totalitarian coercion: What will happen next?

What will happen next? Who knows - but history does Not repeat itself! 

One thing we can be sure of is that this time around, it will be different

In England (but not the other - more leftist hence compliant - parts of the UK) there has been a very substantial easing of life-restrictions over the past four months; and a substantial proportion of the population especially among the young adults) have liked it. And don't want to go back to 2020-1.  

At a deep level - and at last - many people no longer believe the official birdemic narrative about the level of dangers and the nature of the 'solutions'. 

Of course there are plenty of people - especially the older middle aged, those who work in the public sector and leftist/ atheists in general - who are now permanently phobic. They have (willingly) developed a literal phobia, with obsessional rituals (especially around masking and social distancing) being used to manage their acute anxiety symptoms, and stave-off always incipient panic attacks. 

(These disorders are likely to be permanent, due to them being delusionally-supported and subjected to mainstream inverted moralization. Although phobias are nearly-always curable by behavioural therapy; these will not get-better because they do not want to get-better. To all appearances, these are Lost Souls.) 

But there are plenty of the English population who will not be so compliant this time around - including in the privacy of their minds. Anyone with commonsense (not all that many, admittedly) has come to regard the birdemic rigmarole as increasingly absurd - even though few recognize it for the deep evil that it truly is. 

In other words, the 'polarization' of the population will continue to become more extreme, and the two sides move further apart - which is A Good Thing; because the alternative to polarization is convergence; and when the Establishment are ever-more-deeply rooted in their service to evil, 'unity' means a unity-of-corruption.

My tentative prediction is that yet more people in England will continue to awaken (or begin to awaken...) to the nature of these times and especially the reality of the 2020 global totalitarian coup

The big question relates to how many such people will be able to work their own way towards a genuine spiritual awakening to the reality of God and creation, the possibility of salvation, and the transformed perspective which comes from faith in eternal resurrected life. 

I really don't know, because such a thing has never happened before - and probably was never possible or necessary before. But the abdication and treachery of the once-Christian churches has perhaps clarified the picture for some people. 

Each currently awakening individual who might be tempted to seek external guidance; finds himself surrounded by a majority of (obvious!) liars, slave masters, prison guards and would-be exploiters. If he can find among his circle of acquaintance even one person of wisdom who deserves to be trusted in relation to ultimate spiritual matters - he is probably unusual and fortunate. 

The self-styled churches are so obviously worse-than-useless that maybe people will eventually take responsibility for their own ultimate beliefs and assumptions; and realize that they themselves must do the necessary spiritual work - because there is essentially nobody who can or would help them.    

And that just happens to be exactly what they ought to be doing, anyway. 

So, overall - from a long-term and ultimate perspective - the new wave of oppression is to be welcomed as another chance for more people to begin to understand. 

It is perhaps an example of tough love from divine providence; but, after all, several decades of mass comfort, convenience, and pleasurable distraction have been a spiritual disaster of unprecedented depth and severity - and led us to... well, exactly where we now are. 

Nobody knows what will happen next; but the situation represents another chance to choose the side of Good, God and creation; and to look beyond this temporal life and to take a cosmic perspective.

Note: On the physical plane of socio-politics; I cannot see any way out from where we, in The Developed World, have placed ourselves (and therefore Mankind). Huge numbers of people over many generations have made evil (as well as stupid) choices; and our civilization is now painted into a corner with all exits blocked by multiple bad habits of expectations, motivations, thinking and behaving. In terms of material factors and at the mass level, we have asked for it; and will presumably get-it sooner or later. Some kind of mega-disastrous collapse seems unavoidable. But spiritually and for individuals, it is a different matter. Any person can be saved at any moment - if they so choose; and it is at these individuals where my hope is directed. Thus; if disaster in this mortal life and on this temporal planet is indeed inevitable regardless of politics and lifestyle; it makes an eternal difference whether this or that individual chooses eternal life. It is what matters most.  


Francis Berger said...

"It is perhaps an example of tough love from divine providence"

Yes, I believe that's accurate, and the key word there is love. Moreover, I believe it is also an example of divine wisdom. All conventional external options are clearly dead ends, which leaves one clear path - looking within. That will be the tough part. Many will finally reject the absurdities, but rejection represents but a small part of the journey. The real journey depends on what a person chooses to do after the rejection.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - "The real journey depends on what a person chooses to do after the rejection."

Yes. And each journey begins with a step in the right direction. More people are now making that first step of many necessary; and only each individual can determine what happens afterwards.

IN other words; this latest clamp-down (despite being evilly motivated) has *potential* to do more spiritual good than harm; it is a mis-step from the perspective of the demonic establishment (as was the removal of restrictions four months ago).

Thus, purposive evil is bluffing big...


But whether people take advantage of that is their own business.

Jonathan said...

"If he can find among his circle of acquaintance even one person of wisdom who deserves to be trusted in relation to ultimate spiritual matters - he is probably unusual and fortunate." Indeed, we are fortunate to have you, Bruce! Although I ultimately found a few other sources I trust besides you, for a long time you were all I had.

It occurs to me that maybe the reason why all other paths to spirituality besides looking within have been closed off is because our Creator and Loving Father always intended that we learn how to find Him within and do the spiritual work through our own direct knowing before the end of the End Times. As the day of the Harvest draws near, it's now too late for training wheels (like churches and gurus). It's our last chance to learn how to ride the bicycle properly ourselves!

Bruce Charlton said...

@ Jonathan . Thank you. I infer you must be that Jonathan (of several) from way back, about when the blog started.

I agree there must be divine-providence-type reasons why things are approximately as they are now - and at this time with unprecedented numbers of people on the planet.

My best guess is that there are a lot of people around for whom things must be dichotomous, 'black and white' - in order for them to perceive reality clearly enough to choose salvation.

Of course, the side of evil is always - by its nature - a liar; and pretends to be 'good' (i.e. by its inverted definitions of 'good') - but evil doesn't get much more obvious (including more obviously dishonest) than at present; so that those who nowadays die and then choose the side of evil, really 'know what they are doing', in a way that was not always the case, perhaps.