Wednesday 10 November 2021

The Great Compensation - or, the unprecedented clarity and simplicity of Christianity Now

One of the good, positive things about these evil-dominated end times is that - probably for the first time since the ascension of Christ - the simplicity of 'being a Christian' has become evident. 

This has happened because the core business of this mortal life of Man is being thrust upon us willy-nilly, like it or not. 

The World is becoming more evil, and anyone who desires to stand against this invasive evil finds himself with ever-less worldly (and societal) assistance. The erstwhile support of the Christian-named churches has fallen-away and indeed (mostly) switched sides. 

True information about Christianity, and true concepts with-which to understand information, is almost impossibly difficult to find among the truly immense quantity of disinformation, and varieties of distortion. 

One of the (many) adverse effects of the churches is a combination of distraction and misplaced emphasis. So many Christians are expending all their (already too limited) attention and efforts on secondary or even irrelevant matters that have near-zero significance for the situation of people here and now - such that they do not help the Christian, and tend to block his ability to discover help. 

The consequence is a stripping-away of a great deal that has been regarded as of core importance to 'being a Christian' - and the emergence of a stark and (potentially) saving simplicity. 

This is a glorious phenomenon to behold! Individuals from all sorts of backgrounds of tradition and denomination (or none) are finding the path and finding direct and personal strength in their Christian faith - and finding too that they recognize each other with startling clarity and certainty. 

Arguments and 'evidence' are falling away to be replaced by a direct-knowledge of what is Good and Necessary...

Amidst the rampant triumph of purposive evil - this marvelous Great Compensation is at work! 


Francis Berger said...

Unlike the "Great Whatevers" infesting the mainstream, the Great Compensation you describe here truly is great! Excellent post. Very inspiring and totally on point.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - thanks!

This post was partly inspired by my observing Christians, of several denominations, doubling-down on 'church' matters - which were always secondary issues (of 'church order').

In the past these practices were often important agents of institutional cohesion and strength. But Now these matters are at best irrelevant and a 'displacement', but sometimes indeed do actual harm personally and societally.

They Now serve to drive (real) Christians apart; without the benefits they once had.

As for evidence of their 'lack of benefits'... The events since 2020 show how utterly futile/ counter-productive 'strict' and complex second order institutional practices have become; since *so many* of the most devout and observant church-focused people have gone-over into actively supporting the core programme of Global Totalitarian purposive evil.

Avro G said...

Amen! I am reminded of Samuel Johnson's quote, "Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."

The evil that has been revealed over the past two years, like an immanent execution, has cast a chiaroscuro light over our lives. Good and truth is differentiated from evil and lies like never before. Another remarkable thing is the fraternal bond I now feel with all those I know, from very diverse backgrounds, who have sensed in their guts, from the start, how wrong this all has been and who have never given in.

Todd said...

I've felt, in the past few weeks or months at most, a desire to cut off the fluff, and not spend any more precious time or energy on nonsense or trivia.
It's suddenly like, "I've had enough of the world and it's evils, and now only spirituality can save us or guide us."
Of course, one must still be available and open to those who are also attracted to the divine light/logos. I also sense a temptation to become a complete misanthrope and totally isolate. But maybe that's just my weakness.

Evan Pangburn said...

@Todd - Being a misanthrope is never a good thing, but to isolate as much as you reasonably can may be a perfectly legitimate course of action (or course of inaction) depending on your situation.

Then again that too, may be a cop-out, if used as a way to avoid responsibility.