Friday 5 November 2021

Unity = joining-with evil

Members of Christian churches may have noticed that, just as 'obedience' nowadays means compliance with the agenda of evil; 'unity' now means joining with the alliance of evil: joining the evil side in the spiritual war. 

This effect of striving to gain or maintain unity has eaten like a cancer at all forms of institution and organization; and seems to present two harmful alternatives. Either unity is a priority and the institution assimilates with the global totalitarian Establishment Plan. Or else, unity is sacrificed to Good - and the institution fractures and disperses.  

What seems actually to be happening is that all formal organizations are by-this-time either already on the side of evil - or else are moving in that direction. In order for a formal organization to continue to exist, it must engage with the major bureaucratic systems - and thereby conform to the overall motivations and objectives of these systems - which are evil. 

Since early 2020; the whole public sphere, all over the world, has been captured by the demonic intelligences that are pursuing an agenda of damnation.   

We are moving into a very stark world where the whole public sphere - including, of course, all formally-organized churches - is more-and-more evil: polarizing away-from The Good - and the process is perceptibly accelerating. 

What once were Christian virtues - such as obedience to the church and desire for church unity - have become pathways to damnation.

The only 'groups' exempt from this inexorable corruption (made inexorable by its being invisible and/or denied), are those based upon love rather than system: marriage, the family and friendship relationships based around shared Christian goals. Only these are not 'institutions'; only these are outside The System, The Matrix.  

It should be unsurprising that to recognize these facts in oneself is not a cause of misery but a liberation and grounds for hope. Truth is joyful. 

We can disengage from futile battles to 'save' institutions that are already (and willingly) lost; and focus our efforts on the real war, with real allies.

And, whatever happens in mortal life on earth (and that outcome cannot be predicted, so long as some Men consciously live from their freedom, and some of these choose to be agents of God); sure and certain knowledge of the resurrected life everlasting to come, means that those who choose the side of Good (rather than 'unity') will win: ultimately and finally.  

Note added: Actually, there is a possibility by which an institution or organization might theoretically continue to exist on the side for God; and that is for its necessarily-corrupting interactions with The World to be conducted with full awareness of their sinfulness; and explicitly recognizing and repenting these sins. Such an institution would need to be conscious that its survival entailed sinning; and to decide that it wanted or needed to survive nonetheless; but conscious that this survival entailed deliberate continuation in sinning.

And this is precisely what the large majority of (self-styled) Christian churches should have done, but did not do. 

To some significant (and increasing) extent, this is the analogous situation in which every Christian finds himself in the world, now. If it has not already arrived; a time may soon come when the choice is to continue living - or to accept death. And in such a situation some will - rightly - choose to continue living (e.g. parents of young children).

This has been the situation for innumerable Christian slaves through history - sin in obedience to the slave master, or die. 

It is still possible to be a Christian and stay alive under such conditions; because the repentance of Jesus Christ is essentially to acknowledge that we have sinned and to acknowledge that Christ is our forgiveness. Repentance is not (fortunately for the world, because it is impossible) to cease from sinning. 

Jesus came to save sinners - like us - not perfected Men. But we must know our-selves as sinners, and know the answer to sin.    

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Avro G said...

When the Bible talks about antichrist we understand that it means a spirit or entity defined solely in terms of its hostility our Lord Jesus Christ. In the same way, every institution in our society should have the prefix, "anti-," put in front of its name:

anti-news media

They have all flipped. They all now stand in relation to their ostensible raisons d'etre as anti-Christ to Christ.