Saturday 13 November 2021

Stay With The System! 'Science' and subjective consciousness in 2021

We live in a post-modern, post-scientific age of incoherence; where we demand two simultaneous incompatibles: 

1. That reality ought to be subordinated to subjective consciousness - i.e. that reality conforms to the prevalent, official, mainstream, global leftist ideology. 

If apparent-reality does not conform to ideology - it is re-defined as not-reality.  

 2. That reality is independent of what we think about it: therefore science is (continues to be) dominant. 

As in I/We follow The Science! 

The apparent contradiction is removed because 'The Science' - that is, the kind of science which is agreed by The System to define reality - is now wholly a part of The System

And The System is also the source of ideology. 

The System, on the one hand, claims to be derived-from and driven-by The Science - while continually (and at every level) shaping The Science. 

The System is reality, it is truth (The Science) and it is virtue (the official ideology).

When 'objective reality' (as defined by official science) is part of the same System that regards ideology as primary - then there can be no conflict between science and ideology. 

The System is itself reality - because it defines both the ideology and The Science from which that ideology claims to be derived. This 'works' because it is The System which continually creates agreement/ non-contradiction between the ideology and the science; and this is done (done on an almost daily basis in recent months) by continually re-shaping what counts as science into compatibility with ideology.   

But because The System is bigger than science, and includes science; it is the 'dog' of ideology which is 'wagging the tail' of science.    

However we, as individuals, continue to be subjective. That is; we continue to experience The System as external to our-selves. 

Our consciousness is not within The System - and never can be. 

We can deny or suppress this knowledge - but the fact remains that this separateness is implicit in the experienced fact that we our-selves are required to conform to The System; which requirement is experienced as the need to be changing; the requirement frequently and rapidly to be changing our consciousness.

(Variously called 'consciousness raising', or addressing of 'implicit bias' - meaning that individual consciousness is recurrently falling out-of-step with the 'reality' of The System.) 

Thus we are frequently aware of a 'need' - a demand - to change our-selves in line with The System: and indeed this need/demand is increasingly pressed upon us; with propaganda and manipulations coming from all sides in the world of public discourse; and by requirements to subject ourselves to explicit indoctrination based on the assumption that We All (as individuals) Need To Change. 

From the perspective of The System it is We - as individuals - that are The Problem. 

It is We, as individuals, who have-to change our thinking: for instance in relation to the birdemic-peck, climate, antiracism, sexuality etc. We need to keep-up!

This flows from the base assumption that it is The System which is true reality (because of The Science) - and it is our personal subjectivity (outside The System, as our subjectivity necessarily is) which is unreal, false; and - if subjectivity fails to conform itself to The System - evil; because evil is that which opposes The System.

Opposing The System is evil because The System is the source of ideology-morality. 

The System tells us that our thinking and decision-making ought-to-be ('must' be) within The System - and, since this can only be chosen; we are each called-upon to make that overall choice: the choice of Yes to The System - or No. 

As of 2021 - Yes or No to The System is the foundational choice upon which all other choices depend. 

It is a choice

Therefore the great externally-imposed imperative - the only moral/ ethical imperative of these times, one that we all experience here-and-now, as of 2021; is that it is your job and my job and everybody's job - now and for evermore, over and again - to keep making that choice. 

We must: Stay With The System!


the outrigger said...

This post is the equivalent of going up Niagara falls in a barrel. I'm thinking... he's never going to make it. But he does.... Death defying simplicity. Bravo.

Lucinda said...

"to keep making that choice" - It seems to me that this is a weakness in the demonic strategy, that rather than getting more and more compliance, they are likely to have spent their Ace card already, that now they will get less and less compliance. Because someone can easily just change their mind and get out.

I say that because that's always seemed like the most impossible part of eternal life, to keep making the necessary choice, and that somehow that's the part where Christ helps the most, to help us not to choose death.

The System offers no such help in keeping making the choices that are ever and always more ridiculous, less and less satiating, and more and more resource-consuming.

Bruce Charlton said...

@to Thanks

@L. I hope so, but I would have thought it would have happened already.

The only viable alternative to The System is real Christianity. However the churches have joined The System. For many self-identified Christians this means there is No alternative to saying yes to The System, ad infinitum.

Poppop said...

Bruce you are one of the clearest thinkers and incisive writers I am aware of in 2021.

I am mindful of a group of children playing some game or role playing. The minute the kids get bored with things and decide to go do something else, poof the game is over.

Anonymous said...

Thus is revealed the long-standing lie that Science is at war with religion (especially Christianity). Without an absolute commitment to the Truth (and Good and Beauty also), the Science that has had such success in recent centuries can not succeed or even exist. This explains why this model of Science arose exactly once in the history of mankind, under Christianity. Science with the Christian devotion to the transcendentals at its base is no longer Science. Why should a post-Christian scientist not falsify data and consent to ugly, evil, and, lies?

Yet another inversion confronts us. Instead of a Christian System that supports successful Science, we have unsuccessful Science supported by an Antichristian System while at the same time the past successes of Christian Science are invoked to lend unearned legitimacy to the Antichristian Science which in turn lends invalid legitimacy to the Antichristian System. Almost all official science now qualifies as Cargo Cult Science with a barely conceal Luciferian cult underneath.


Bruce Charlton said...

@@Tom - I agree.

"Why should a post-Christian scientist not falsify data and consent to ugly, evil, and, lies?" No reason - and that is what they do; and indeed so lacking is their sense of truth that they are hardly aware of their own routine and habitual dishonesty, and are stunned by the accusation.

In practice modern 'scientists' equate 'truth' with 'peer review consensus' - just like any bureaucrat.

A while back, I wrote a mini-book making some of these arguments -