Saturday 20 November 2021

If you try to sleep through life, God will give you nightmares

If you try to sleep through life, God will give you nightmares.

By the above proverb - which I just invented - I intended to mean that if your attitude to this mortal life on earth is to try and ignore reality, be indifferent to truth; to feel pleasures and to avoid suffering by all means at your disposal...

Then God will ensure that you will nonetheless have the subjective experiences which you need in order to learn those lessons for which you were incarnated.

For Your Own Good. Because this mortal life is for serious reasons of eternal importance - it is not just an arbitrary gap between birth and death to be whiled-away with the minimum unpleasantness.

The harder you try not to care about spiritually-important matters; the more they will be forced upon you, sooner or later - if necessary in dreams that you will experience as real. 

If you ignore gentle lessons; you will eventually get harsh lessons.

If you practice dishonest evasion, lie about implications, drug yourself with medicines or meditation - you could have daydreams, obsessive ruminations, phobias; maybe visions, hallucinations, delusions... by which that which is being-denied will become un-avoidable. 

If you try to sleep through life, God will give you nightmares...  


Doktor Jeep said...

Seems like the entire civilization is living lies so old they could not even fathom there are lies.

cae said...

My husband must be an exception to the 'rule' here....I keep showing him evidence of your "Litmus tests", asking him to attend to his spirituality (even if only for our daughter's sake), and even praying for God to 'hit' him with a spiritual paradigm shift!

And still, at 60 years old now, he is happily traveling thru life utterly unencumbered by any troubles about the oncoming future (neither 'pre' nor post mortem).

Mind you, this is not an unintelligent or uneducated man - he earned a degree from a prestigious university and recently retired after 35 years in a challenging, professional career with a very large corporation.

Yet, today I had my husband read a fully linked article from the "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons" detailing how hospitals here are making money from every Covid death they can 'arrange', and he said (basically), I choose 'not' to believe that sort of thing is happening in the world.'

So, much as I truly appreciate your writing Bruce (fan of all your blogs since 2017), I can't help but wonder -
- how come I'm the one having "nightmares" here? (Bad ones too)