Saturday 27 November 2021

Modern converged totalitarianism: creating chaos leading to demands for order; crushing with order to foment chaos

I have often discussed the evil dichotomy of Order versus Chaos (or Ahrimanic versus Sorathic). 

This derives from a false but popular and influential analysis that regards order and chaos as extremes, and goodness as a middle way in between them; so that the cure for too much order is a bit of chaos, and excessive chaos needs to be tempered by a moderate degree of order. 

There is a prevalent notion that 'the good' lies between these extreme; and another that creativity is a middle path - ordered-chaos, or chaotic-order (the edge of chaos...).


Such is the basis on which the current global totalitarians are running things: they impose crushing levels of coercive control that lead to chaotic resistance; they encourage (i.e. fund, organize, facilitate) chaotic outbursts which lead to demands for the authorities to re-impose order; and these two false options of order and chaos oscillate back and forth.

Such cycles of 'oppression' and 'liberation' amount to a vortex of evermore destructive evil. 

In truth both order and chaos are evil, neither is good; and neither mixture nor average of the two is good. 

Therefore sequential oscillations, or dynamic compromises between order and chaos are destructive of good: which is also destructive of creation

(...Which is to take work on the side directed against God.) 

I feel that more people need to notice this; and to attain the insight that the good (truth, beauty and virtue) come only from those who are motivated towards good. 

In other words: good cannot (therefore will not) come from any possible alternation or combination of evils; but only grow from actual good.

Tearing-down or blowing-up an evil system in order to produce more chaos (aka 'freedom) does not lead to good; any more than does 'clamping down' on chaotic violence and short-termist and selfish dysfunctionality by imposing a New (World) Order. 

And God works-with any and all good motivations; amplifies and weaves them into sequences (behind the scenes, as 'providence') that advance the divine agenda.  

All that is good, all that is creative, has its roots in the divine: in God's primary creation and love for Men; and in Man's innate divine nature including the choice to be a son or daughter of God. 

We need to be aware that merely negative resistance to specific evils fuels the enemy's strategy by powering the vortex of order and chaos. 

Yet when resistance is positively-motivated and on the side of God, the Good, and Divine Creation; every thought and act (no matter how small) will become of eternal value.  


Wiseagle said...

Good thoughts. The totalitarian libertine is fused into the oscillating heart of man. This results in a spastic, dissonant existence and confusion reigns. Yet God tells Jeremiah, "I send you to tear down and build up; to pluck up and to plant". This results in a good an beautiful peace.

Todd said...

"We need to be aware that merely negative resistance to specific evils fuels the enemy's strategy by powering the vortex of order and chaos. "

Just what I needed to hear today. I had the feeling recently that I can't really fight this evil going on correctly if I am simply reacting against something. I need to be for something. I know, of course, that I am for (or should be for) God and creation. But it's easy to get drawn into the maelstrom and lose your compass.