Sunday 7 August 2022

Aquaphibian life


"Sorry about that - it just sorta slipped-out..."

"This low-carb diet really is working, isn't it?" 

(Thinks) I've made up my mind, I'm sick of being a puppet. 
I will audition for The Master in Doctor Who.

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Evan Pangburn said...

As an American, I didn't even know what Dr. Who was until the early 2010s when it (Well I guess some newer iteration of it) became trendy here for a little while. I assumed it was garbage and ignored it because even then, I realized if the mass media was pushing something in my face it was probably trash.

There was a short period where even grocery stores were selling Dr. Who merchandise.

I know this is going to sound silly to a Brit, but I didn't realize Dr. Who was a series dating back to the 1960s until I started reading this blog a few years ago.