Thursday 25 August 2022

Christianity is easy, but... Three reasons why there are so few Christians

Since anybody can become a Christian in an instant, nothing he does can ever sabotage irretreivably that decision, and cannot be compelled to abandon this choice - how come there are so few Christians?


One reasons is that non-Christians, including self-identified 'Christians', fail to repent their sins. The devil can usually make us sin, but cannot stop us from repenting - we must do that to ourselves. In any case, everyone sins - so that sin does not matter of itself (Christ came to save sinners). 

Anyone who repents his sins is immune to Satan! But anyway people fail to repent; even though they always could and nothing could stop them. 

They usually fail because they fail to identify sin as sin; and instead regard their sin as either irrelevant or as virtue. Repentance entails recognition - and it is this recognition that is typically lost. 

This is value-inversion, and is dominant in the world today as never before; because top-down, official, propagandized and enforced. 

Anyone determined to follow Jesus Christ to resurrected eternal life in Heaven - and put that as his first priority - cannot be prevented from attaining this by any power on earth, or Hell. 

So what goes wrong so often?  

Typically, that the individual Does Not Want resurrected eternal life in Heaven; but wants something else instead. 

Even among self-identified Christians, it is evident that many do not want what Jesus offered - but either some modification or something else altogether. 

Satan cannot prevent someone who wants resurrection from achieving it, but he may be able to persuade people not to want it - and he does. 

Another reason is the so-called Christian Churches; and the idea that one can only be a Christian if some or another of the Churches gives you the green light (and the idea that if you leave, or break the rules of, that Church - then you are no longer a Christian). 

Yet, as of 2020, the leadership of the major Christian Churches has joined the side of Satan - and most Church members are willing to go along with this. In the spiritual war of this mortal life, the Churches have taken the side against God. 

How come? Partly by decades of cumulative corruption of the concept of 'what it is to be a Christian', such that now the primary and essential requirements include to support strategies of sin...

And partly by pretending to fight the spiritual (and now also material) war for one or another peripherally or partially Christian-compatible reason; when in truth the war is organized against Christ himself. 

This being the 'Antichrist' mode of operation.


In sum; Jesus arranged things so that it is easy to become and to remain a Christian - and no earthly power can prevent this

But earthly powers can - if you let them - convince you not to want to be a Christian, and/or can persuade you that being-a-Christian is something other than what it is.

The choice is yours.


ben said...

It makes sense to think of the mass media, and modernity generally, as more an offering of evil options than an imposition of values, ideas, orientation. My understanding is that evilly inclined individuals (of a particular sort of self-harming/transcendental Value-attacking evil) are being born into a coven that is a coven exactly because other evilly inclined individuals have been born before them and made it such; these new (even more evilly inclined) individuals then tend to develop themselves along witch lines, enhanced in this by learning from the environment that's been set up by the preceding witches.

This would make sense in light of an understanding of the nature of God being such that he surely wouldn't create a world in which people are being developed against their will into rejecting Heaven. One of the main purposes of this world would be to enable people to truly *choose* Heaven, or whatever else, when they're in the position of choosing after death. It would be a process of uncovering or free choosing rather than a process of unchosen moulding.

The implication is that these modern people are truly responsible for themselves, they're not just being imposed upon.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben "It makes sense to think of the mass media, and modernity generally, as more an offering of evil options than an imposition of values, ideas, orientation. "

Actually, I think that is wrong - especially since 2020; when the media became ever-more controlled and uniform. In a sense, yes, it offers a range of evil options - i.e. so far as it is able - which is not yet completely, the media offers only evil options. But that is just a more effective means to the end of an indoctrination in evil.

However, as I have often said, there is a war among the evil - as well as of evil against Good. So there are, for instance, evil options on offer of a totalitarian control type; and others that are chaos-destruction inducing.

But of course you are right to say that people cannot be imposed upon, because of the boundless power of repentance. Evil is always chosen.

ben said...

My point is that it's always an offer, no matter how pushy. Of course the offer is everywhere.

"Evil is always chosen."

Yes. I was getting at the chosen nature of the evil infection; it doesn't really work like a pathogen that a person unwittingly receives and retains. The idea would be that a historical illusion is created where it appears to go:

"culture" descends from the sky, having no relation to the population it's imposed on -> people become more evil by osmosis -> they spread this evil osmotically intergenerationally, evil merely accumulates

In fact, I think the evil is ultimately coming from the inborn nature of the population and the demons that make offers to them. The great increase in evil has to do with the nature of the people incarnating, not a tragic snowball effect. Even now there's a chunk of people who are quietly rejecting much modern evil. I think they tend to choose against because it's just not to their taste, as opposed to the mass of people who have terrible taste by historical standards and tend to choose accordingly. It's not all a matter of the conformist vs endogenous personality situation.