Saturday 27 August 2022

Why is this mortal life inevitably and intrinsically unsatisfactory?

Although it was obvious to Men of the past; it is not always (or usually) at all clear to modern Man just exactly why this mortal life is necessarily unsatisfactory. 

Because this is not understood; there have been a couple of hundred years of social and political theorizing and activity based on false (and unconscious) premises - with socio-politics being conceived as the single most important issue in the world - more important than religion, functionality, life and death. 

As of 2022; this view is propagandized and enforced by global government and mass media; and shared by All major/ large/ powerful/ wealthy social institutions, churches, corporations, and organizations - all systematically regard leftist politics as primary and mandatory - and all other aims, morality and functions as secondary, subordinate; ultimately optional.   

Even after the unprecedented and unmatched catastrophes of the utopian atheist left-ideologies of the twentieth century (communism and fascism in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia etc); even after the collapse of Western leftism into dys-topian, incoherent yet insatiable opposition to all that is Good... 

Nonetheless all of modern Man's hopes are wholly focused on this life

Yet, the universal consensus of pre-modern Man, and all Men who have experienced, learned-from, and thought-through life to its foundations, is that biological death is Not 'the end' - but some existence of some sort continues beyond. 

1. The proper understanding is that mortal life is a prelude to... something else, which lasts much longer

2. And therefore the proper question is what happens after death? What is that 'something else?' - What are the possibilities

3. But it is not proper to ask 'whether' anything-at-all happens after death. It is illegitimate to assume that a mortal life ending with annihilation can ever, under any imaginable circumstances, be satisfactory.  

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