Saturday 13 August 2022

New metaphysical assumptions needed; because "Patriarchy" cannot/ should-not be 'restored'

It can easily be shown that - overall - the world was a more coherent place, with better values, under the system now termed 'patriarchy' than under the current official-bureaucratic-media System of 'feminism'. 

(Accepting what ought - by now - to be obvious: that the rhetoric of 'equality' was a dishonest and evil-motivated deception - and that equality is impossible, as well as wicked.) 

But history is linear, cumulative - people change. Modern Men are far more self-aware than ever before; indeed, it seems that most are trapped within their own awareness (i.e. 'alienated') such that even other people - as well as God, the spiritual realm, and the innate understanding of this as a purpose and meaningful world) - seem unreal, remote, incomprehensible. 

Modern Man's self perception is of looking-out on an alien world - and great efforts are expended to trying to eliminate this awareness by intoxication, immersion in 'media', and seeking novel (overwhelming) stimulation from e.g. sexuality, and indulgence in emotions generally. 

From where we actually are, therefore, any kind of 'restoration' is impossible - including restoration of Patriarchy. 

We are not what we were, cannot want we wanted (as a whole, as the package it was), cannot become what we were by asking. And, therefore as well as being doomed to fail, it is Not Good (anti-Good, evil) to engage in attempted restoration.  

So the first step is to set aside half-baked fantasies of the past, to acknowledge that there are no valid off-the-peg solutions, to begin from our current unprecedented state of being and circumstances; and by means of intuition to seek forward, into uncharted territory - for where a profoundly Christian understanding direct us (which will be somewhere human culture has never yet been). 

Where my intuitions lead me is something I have discussed in many posts over many years. But the point is that this must be discovered each for himself.  

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Evan Pangburn said...

Half-baked fantasies of the past aren't so bad, as long as one recognizes it as fantasy.