Wednesday 17 August 2022

Irrelevance, lies, fearmongering; and multi-pronged self-destruction: the Daily 'News'

Some people were woken-up and started to learn by means of the events of 2020 - but mostly not. 

For most people, life continues as before, dominated by the issues of today as dictated by the mass media and the state-corporate bureaucracy. 

Whatever actually happened in 2020 and after - which now seems only vaguely recalled - disappeared like a stone plopping into a moving stream; its ripples soon dispersed and swept-away by the daily input of 'news'. 

I surveyed today's news; and all the main stories were at best irrelevant - deliberate distractions and misleading framing; but mostly lies and fear-propagation strategically designed to facilitate mass manipulation by The System...

There is no consistency between the stories, no attempt at consistency - because evil is united only by what it opposes; and so long as things are situated in opposition to God, divine creation or Jesus Christ; against the beautiful, true or virtuous - then all is readily accepted. 

The dominant global mainstream Leftism is merely the alliance of those who oppose one or another of the aspects of Good; and most people are readily persuaded that their own favourite sin is actually an essential and positive aspects of this secular ideology. 

Leftism in 2022 is the expedient pursuit of one's personal sin/s, under the banner of Sinners United. 

Yet a lot of the news, and the most significant aspects; constitutes evidence that System self-destruction is becoming ever more blatant; and the covering veneer of justification for this destruction, ever thinner and patchier. 

Of course, since the events and responses of 2020; it hardly matters how nonsensical and incoherent are the justifications; because the mass of people are locked-into a self-sustaining state of addictive-gullibility such that anything is taken to justify anything - so long as it emanates from the mainstream.

But since 2020, the balance has tipped decisively from System control towards System self-destruction

The recent 'sanctions' campaign against the Fire Nation is the clearest possible example. Never in human history has there been such blatantly-inverted nonsense as the idea of 'fighting' a (fake) enemy by means of a vast and sustained program of self-crippling. 

This self-crippling is multi-pronged and must become lethal; because it encompasses the simultaneous destruction of trade, finance, military effectiveness, energy, transportation; and the mandatory choosing of incompetent and anti-functional human beings - at all levels from the national leadership and that of large corporations; down through middle management to the 'coal face' personnel who are supposed to do the actual work of the world.       


In the end, it is the systemic self-destruction by inverse personnel selection, employment and promotion (the diversity/ inclusivity/ equality programme - the deliberate choosing of the most-evilly-motivated leaders) that will cause the deepest damage

Yet, Christians should be grateful that a System with such extremely evil priorities and aligned against all that is Good; is indeed committing suicide. 

Presumably Christians will mostly go down with The System; but then, as Christians, we must look beyond this mortal life; and recognize that there are much more important things than 'survival'... 

It is very sad to see so much that it good (beautiful, true and virtuous) go down with the evil that is dominant in our world; and very sad to see so many people holding-fast to their choice against God and Heavenly life eternal. So Many actively desiring their own misery, enslavement to demons, or annihilation - often merely in order to hold-onto their favourite sin for a little while longer... 

Yet, in the final analysis, we are witnessing evil destroying itself with an ideology of (slightly-) disguised self-hatred and suicide; led and followed by those who have chosen self-damnation and whose reward will be Hellish: ever sooner in its timing, and ever worse in its consequences...

While those who have chosen salvation, and are willing and eager to learn spiritual lessons from their mortal experiences, are - except temporarily - unaffected.


lgude said...

I believe we are seeing the Tower of Babel principle play out in the self destruction you observe. If humans try to put themselves on the level of God their plans and schemes disintegrate. I find having the biblical Tower of Babel story comforting for the simple reason that it demonstrates that our species is entirely capable of destroying the ability to understand each other and cooperate through language without any help from Twitter, Facebook and all the rest. As a Jungian I see the occurrence of Brexit and Trump as a civilisational wide disturbance arising from the human collective unconscious.I know you are not much interested in Jung, but I think seeing this phenomena through Jung's lens gives a useful perspective on why the current elites and so UNCONSCIOUS of what they are doing to themselves and us. I am not trying to undermine your Christian perspective with Jungian concepts. I think your post is a devastating insight into the full religious significance of the total dominance of evil in our times. Godspeed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Igude - Your comments on Jung are welcome.

If you could see my bookshelves, you would see many volumes by or about Jung - and others of his school. I have explored this over several decades, and sometimes with great intensity. I still believe there is considerable value in it - when understood in a Christian (*Romantic* Christian!) context.

lgude said...

@Bruce Charleton
I think I may have misremembered a previous interchange with you in comments where I thought you expressed definite reservations about Jung. I now doubt I remember correctly. In any case I would not be able to appreciate your strongly Christian viewpoint were it not from the understanding of religion and Christianity I have developed from my many books by Jung and others of his school - initially Neumann's Origins and History of Consciousness which riveted my attention at the age of 19. The Jungian idea that seems very relevant to to your phenomenon of self destruction is 'compensation' - that is that for every conscious attitude, idea ect., its opposite lurks in the unconscious. So when the opposite actually bubbles to the surface as it did in 2016 in both the UK and the US, we should not be entirely surprised. All the King's horses and and all the King's men cannot stuff the Colgate back in the plastic chube.