Friday 12 August 2022

Attack the assumptions - not particular abuses. The counter-productive effect of mainstream outrage at *specific* lies and other corruptions

There is a type of lie which implies general truthfulness of discourse by pointing-at, analyzing, outraging-over specific lies. Yet the fact that so much fuss is made over specific lies implies that these specific lies took place against a truthful background.

Thus (for instance) lies about a new (or historical) incident of 'scientific fraud' are indirectly contributing to propaganda that the rest of science - the stuff Not currently being pointed-at - is truthful. Therefore, The System of 'science' is supported, even though parts of The System are attacked. More specifically so when, for instance, some parts of mainstream 'scientific' discourse are used to 'prove' the wrongness of the current outrage. 

But the reality is that 'science' itself is thoroughly, systematically, purposively corrupt. Mainstream, modern - and especially high-status - 'science' neither aims-at nor speaks the truth; but has quite other purposes and reasons. And this has been the case, and increasingly, for several decades. 

So; to isolate and critique some specific aspect of the birdemic-peck narrative or the climate scam; is, in fact, to play-into the hands of the enemy. These are wholly fraudulent discourses, manufactured from the propaganda and control requirements of an evil rulership - and that is all we need to know. 

Getting enmeshed in wrangling over details, sustains the assumption that these agendas are basically genuine; created and sustained by are well-meaning and honest people - people who are truth-seekers that will respond honestly to having their particular 'errors' pointed-out...  

The phenomenon goes beyond lies, to include other forms of social corruption in all the other major social systems. The system of Law is essentially and pervasively unjust: i.e. the Legal System is no longer being about real morality and justice; which would entail acknowledging the reality of God and the choice to serve His purposes). 

The same applies to public administration, education, the arts, health and medicine, the police and military, the mass media... 

...All the major (powerful, wealthy, high-status, officially permitted) sub-systems of the global System are corrupted-away from their supposedly functional concerns, and actually - primarily in active pursuit of the global/ leftist/ materialist agenda directed-against God, Jesus Christ and divine creation. 

And this applies to the major churches (of all denominations). To expose specific anti-Christian activities in the major churches indirectly sustains the assumption that these abuses and corruptions are exceptional and accidental (i.e. not aimed-at) - rather than being primary and structural aspects of these organizations.  

Therefore; all mainstream instances of expose, critique, and policy-reform-suggestions are a part of The System; are enlisted on the side of evil; and operate to sustain Systemic evil. 

...Which is exactly why they are allowed to remain mainstream; and why those persons and organizations who propagate this kind of 'moderate, circumscribed dissent' are supported and sustained. 

Because even when specific critiques happen to be accurate in a circumscribed sense; they are false in their assumptions. And assumptions matter more than anything else - assumptions (i.e. metaphysics) are the framework that determines our experienced reality, our purposes, and our deepest motivations

In a world of evil assumptions; when we are not operating at the deep level of exposing and correcting those assumptions - we are then reinforcing those false and evil-motivated assumptions; and actually doing more harm than good. 


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I partly agree. Specific abuses have to be exposed and discussed because they are often (going by my own experience here) instrumental in the realization that the whole system is corrupt. Details must be discussed, because everything else is just abstraction. But, in order to avoid the "praising with faint damns" effect you describe, discussion of specific abuses must be framed properly: "Here's yet another example of how the system is corrupt and can't be trusted," not, "The system must rectify this particular abuse and make itself fully trustworthy again."

Bruce Charlton said...

@WmJas - Yes, serially recording and denigrating abuses very clearly, it seems to me, leads nowhere and is counter-reproductive. And this happens especially when the abuses are defined and analyzed using the backdrop of assumed-valid mainstream systems. And this is the stock-in-trade of the secular right - as well as mainstream media.

But specific abuses *can* be framed as an instance of a general phenomenon, or a specific abuse can be pursued down the rabbit hole, to demonstrate the caverns of corruption that lie beneath.

In other words, assumptions need to be primary.

Dynamic said...

This is an insightful post. I thought it was valuable in helping me see what the purpose of "controlled opposition" was. Although I'm guessing that this type of lie could be/is much more pervasive than just in the context of controlled opposition?

Bruce Charlton said...

@D - Sadly, there is not much need to 'control' this kind of opposition: it controls itself, by its own shallow motivations.

cecil1 said...

The Classic example of this:

'Dems are the real racists'