Tuesday 2 August 2022

Renewal by Schism: How might Christian churches be purged of corruption and affiliation to evil, and restored to God-affiliation?

One difficult lesson of these times is that institutions are finished - in the sense that they are irreversibly corrupted, no longer what they were (what they were, in some instances, even just a few decades ago); they no longer effectively (never mind efficiently) perform the core/ mission functions that are supposed to justify their existence - and indeed, have near zero interest in performing these functions. 

Overall-corruption is the case (to different degrees, but always to a significant extent) of all large institutions that are a part of the mainstream bureaucratic system - because in order to survive, they must satisfy a great raft of bureaucratic demands; and these bureaucratic demands are purposively evil - hence deliberately function-destroying (because evil is anti-creation, and pro-chaos). 

This is true of all large, powerful, wealthy, and high status institutions - and it is increasingly true even of many small institutions such as family businesses, farms, shops, clubs and churches. 

We saw from the birdemic (and globally antiracist, and protrans) year of 2020 how many of these small institutions willingly, indeed enthusiastically, supported and assimilated-to the globalist imperatives - going beyond minimum requirements, and maintaining requirements beyond the period of compulsion. 

What this means is that the corruption is irreversible, especially for the largest/ most-powerful etc. institutions, because it is very difficult indeed (and extremely rare) to turn-around any large institutions when it has been corrupted thoroughly for a prolonged period. 

And even less likely when this corruption is almost universal - so that forces from external corruption tend to sustain, and increase, inner corruption. 

And reversing of corruption is all-but impossible when there are extremely few individual persons who do not substantially share in the ideology of corruption - and when there are essentially zero individuals in positions of power who are not active in their desire for sustained and increased corruption.  

I regard the likeliest outcome as a general civilizational collapse (the giga-death scenario, triggered by one or many possible triggers - spiritual, biological and economic-political). 

But in the mean time, unless or until that collapse, the only realistic possibility of renewal at the institutional level is likely to be by creative destruction

Insofar as there is truth in the economic doctrines of 'free markets' and of improvement in efficiency by competition; economic growth seems to work very little by corporations improving themselves in order to better compete; and much more often by creative destruction - meaning de facto deletion of the old - less effective, less efficient institutions/ technologies/ industries/ firms - and replacement by new

(As when railways replaced canals, cars replaced horses, or the internet replaced print.)

So, when there is a seriously/ extremely/ long-term corrupt factory/ school/ hospital/ police force or whatever - this is unreformable. The inertia and corrupted motivations of established personnel and dysfunctional systems will oppose and overwhelm any gradual internal attempts at improvement. 

Therefore; the best way (and in practice perhaps the Only way) to improve the situation is by creative destruction: to abolish and renew

That is; the strategy should be for the uncorrupted to leave and (if possible) shut-down the corrupt institution altogether; and make a new and better institution - rebuilding from whatever is good, uncorrupted and properly-orientated personnel that remain

This applies to the corrupted major religions and specific churches, whenever they are large/ wealthy/ powerful, and are therefore integrated with the corrupting global bureaucracies. 

These churches are unreformable as-a-whole - and therefore need to be abandoned, and their Christian functionality rebuilt from what Pope Benedict XVI called a creative minority

In other words, there needs to be schism if the corruption of major churches is to be addressed effectively, and if their Christian mission is to be renewed. 

The real Christians need to leave the evil-corrupted majority; and rebuild new institutions. And this applies to all types and denominations of Christian: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Nonconformist, Mormon etc. - because all of these are converged to the Satanic totalitarian globalist agenda; and all are increasing in corruption: directed by top-down leadership and a majority of overall-leftist-assimilated (hence evil-affiliated) 'laity'. 

This creative destruction may or may not work - who knows the future? 

If it goes wrong, there will be an increase of destruction but without creation. It may indeed turn-out that All institutions are now inevitably corrupted to evil at this time and place in human history

In which case Christianity must revert (or rather, move forward, voluntarily) to a family-type and scale of organization.

But renewal by schism seems the only strategy with a realistic chance of achieving the goal of an institutional church that is net-Christian and affiliated with God, creation and Jesus Christ; rather than - as a present - net-anti-Christian/ pro-demonic. 



Blake said...

If someone is lucky enough to find a relatively good church these days - say, for example, a decent conservative Catholic parish, as I attend - it is *usually* possible to have a good experience participating in the liturgy and the the community of the parish without much cause to ponder its external institutional commitments. And if there is occasion to ponder those commitments, they can always be viewed as commitments to an idealized spiritual church rather than to the more earthbound institution of the same name.

This might work in any parish; it depends strongly on having the right clergy, though, which is certainly not a given. The TLM Catholics I know have often seemed to relatively thrive in a little parallel universe somewhat insulated from the rest - especially during the 2020 events - but of course they can't just be left to themselves.

At the current point in time, it's very difficult for me to imagine a group of church-going people deliberately setting out and rebuilding a new church, or to envision what form that might take - at least a far as the high church traditions are concerned. The situation is mostly not "bad enough", and modern people seem to lack the spiritual capital for it. And for the most essentially conservative institutions, which may hold out longer than any others, their very conservativeness can make the internally-led reform a very awkward thing to justify or explain on their own terms.

Bruce Charlton said...

@B - I agree that renewal by schism does not seem *likely* from here - except where it has already happened; and even there, the reprieve has only been temporary. But when the adverse trend in the churches has been going for decades, it seems reasonable to assume that it will continue towards completion - unless there is some very big counter-action.

john said...

Its like a Windows 95/98 PC infected with viruses. Very often back then you just had to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows.