Wednesday 7 September 2022

Aiming at direct knowing, conscious understanding, freedom

My impression is that those who resist the demonic agendas of either totalitarianism or chaos, are nearly all engaged in negative, defensive firefighting on ever more fronts... But in defense of a status quo that was already very evil.

This is an inevitable consequence of trying to operate in a socio-political and institutional sphere that has long since been captured and converged.

We are being compelled to operate in the spiritual sphere, or else be enlisted into one or another faction of purposive evil.

What, then, is the Good we ought to seek? Here and now?

First, knowledge of reality; which we seek directly, by direct knowing, by heart-thinking. 

We need to understand this, in terms of the spiritual war of this mortal life.

And our task is to become conscious of all this, which is the basis of freedom. God wants us to be free, in order to chose Him and creation, and life eternal... To choose salvation... 

To choose to work with God as co-creators of reality.

That is our positive program, by which we oppose the agenda of evil. Simple and attainable.

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