Friday 16 September 2022

The argument from "I'm not listening!"

It is often important to understand, and to recognize when one does Not understand - I suppose that is generally agreed. 

(Indeed, I attribute most of whatever 'success' I had in science and medical theory to an innate ability to realize that I did Not understand; when everybody else (wrongly) assumed they Did.) 

It could be said that pretending to understand (including pretending to oneself) some-thing that is actually self-contradictory or incoherent; is a common entry-point for strategic evil (as we should observe all around us with mainstream, dominant leftism, and its Litmus Test issues). 

Yet the claim not to understand, or the failure to understand something without making significant serious effort to understand; can also serve as a cloak for strategic evil. 

This happens when someone who is too lazy, distracted, or manipulated to discern for himself - rejects the true discernment of others by claiming not to know about it, or not to understand it. 

I term this the 'I'm not listening strategy' of compliance to evil - because it is analogous to covering your ears, humming and singing loudly - so as Not to hear something you do Not want to hear.  

It is this which keeps people manipulated and controlled by the social sources of power and 'authority' (which are the most short-term-expedient to 'believe' - which is why people want to believe them); because it is trivially easy to discover and learn the incoherence and self-contradictions of the mainstream and mandatory; and to find other and more-coherent/ true perspectives. 

After all (in these 'end times') that which is mainstream and mandatory is grossly incoherent and self-contradictory; therefore it requires very little honest effort to discover it; and correspondingly great effort to block-out realization of the fact.   

The above analysis is clinched by observing that politically-correct, leftist SJWs project onto their opponents exactly their own sins - including of "I'm not listening". 

...Hence the massive efforts to 'raise consciousness', 'change attitudes' and 'inform' the masses about leftist-project-stuff like 'climate', trans-QWERTY, Fire-Nation-phobia, and antiracism - stuff that is being pushed-at people 24/7; in an unremitting deluge from the mass media, bureaucracies and all large organizations and institutions. 

As If anybody, anywhere, could be unaware of this stuff; could Not have heard the (incoherent) 'arguments' and (self-contradicting) 'evidence' 1000-times-over! 

And Yet anyone who dissents from The Narrative is accused of closing his ears to 'the evidence'. to logic, reason and expertise... 

The lesson I draw is that (as always) there is no 'safe' middle road for a Christian; but some-times he absolutely-needs to listen to truth and be aware of incoherence; and some-times he should strive to block-out the lies, distortions and misleadings of evil. 

Discernment is needed; therefore discernment is a duty: and a duty that cannot be out-sourced.

Once that personal responsibility is recognized - discernment is easy.  

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