Thursday 15 September 2022

Biggest belly-laugh of the day, so far!

This morning I received the following incisive remark from that most courageous and morally-responsible of my commenters, "Anonymous":

Why do you repeatedly censor your critics and evade public scrutiny?

Sadly, it is probably just a bot-generated troll; but if it was really-real, the degree of unreflective cognitive dissonance would have been priceless. 

But even as an auto-troll; this is a particularly 2022 kind of situation - where actual people are algorithmically berated for their impersonal inhumanity, by random electronic spam.


a_probst said...

Especially the part about evading public scrutiny. A blogger posts, the public scrutinizes. Where does evasion come in?

Bruce Charlton said...

@ap - Well, um... It's the comparison between someone who blogs under their real identity with vast documentation - and someone/ something unknown and anonymous who makes a derogatory comment. Naturally, we ought to trust the anonymous unknown - because, after all, we don't know anything Bad about Them; so they Must be Better people, yes?

It's just like journalists and bureaucrats - who are the moral watchdogs and arbiters of our society. They never do anything wrong, because they never Do anything - therefore they are naturally superior to those error prone and corruptible individuals who do Stuff.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Without trying to be a downer, I tend to operate under the assumption that much of the trash on the internet, whether flesh-and-blood or code driven bots are a manifestation of spiritual evil. This being said, I agree, this is almost as humorous and the "captcha" security measure in which humans have to prove to a computer that the human is not a computer. Is this a reverse Turing test? ;-)
--internet commenter formerly know as anonymous.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JC "the "captcha" security measure in which humans have to prove to a computer that the human is not a computer"

That's right! How come I never realized the absurdity before?

ben said...

Is the pole part of the traffic light? The computer will decide for us