Thursday 8 September 2022

From bad to worst... Patience needed

In the space of a few days; England has gone from a bad Prime Minister and Monarch to another that is considerably worse - indeed, the new PM may be the worst ever.

This, in a context in which it seems clear that another (and worse) societal collapse is being planned and implemented upon a population that is blinkered, hedonic, incapable of learning, uninterested in reality and spiritually anaesthetised.

All that is good and encouraging is being purposively corrupted and degraded on the feeblest of grounds; and with the masses either utterly insensible or actively manufacturing excuses that deny evil intent.

I cannot point to any material grounds for hope, and this is no accident. Realistic hope is confined to the spiritual realm, and this is The Lesson - the tough-teaching of these times. We must choose the spiritual - choose the person of Jesus Christ... Or perish.

Yet even that sure hope demands of us true motivation, awareness, and patience. We will be saved for certain and all our needs satisfied, but in God's time; because it takes time to assemble the workings of providence.

Therefore we need patience, which is itself a test of our faith and courage. 

Or maybe not a 'test'... Rather it is that we will be given what we desire and choose. And if we do not trouble to discern and choose, then we will have matters taken out of our hands by those who claim to speak on our behalf.

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