Saturday 6 August 2016

Why does the evil global conspiracy want to monitor and control everything about everybody? It is merely a means to the end of damnation

It seems pretty clear that The Establishment wants to control every human down to the smallest level. Those few remaining areas of technological 'advance' which are being squeezed out from the mostly-collapsed science and engineering base are focused on population monitoring and therefore control (especially the so-called 'smart' technologies) or on demotivating and inducing despair (eg. the population drugging with mass media and social media; and manyfold over-prescribed medications such as so-called antidepressants, mood stabilisers, statins etc. - which dull and demotivate and create dependence in tens/ hundreds of millions).

This truly vast international effort of population monitoring and control - a strategy extending over many decades - has not been pursued for trivial ephemeral satisfactions: its scope is eternal and its consequences are primary.

It is not being done merely in order that the elites can make (even) more money from the masses (the reverse is the case), nor is it sadistically to make people suffer pain and misery (although that is a side effect they enjoy). It is not even being done to gratify the anti-normal, unloving and perverse sexuality of the elites (although that has been an obvious side effect). No: the motivation and steadiness of purpose across multiple human lifespans betrays the supernatural, not-human - indeed demonic - purpose, origin and nature of the global conspiracy.


The reason for this long-term and immense effort, is the intention (or hope) that by monitoring and controlling all aspects of life for all humans; people can be fed a set of fundamental, metaphysical assumptions that will (the demons hope) ensure the population actively reject Good and embrace evil.

So the goal, in simple terms, is to maximise the harvest of souls for 'Hell' - on the understanding that Hell is a self-chosen state - the consequence a deliberate decision to reject the offer and gift of salvation and Heaven. Heaven is the consequence of repentance - which means acknowledgement of the reality and Goodness of God's creation. The Establishment aim to frame reality so that people will do this, make this rejection of salvation, en masse.


When The Establishment have the fullest control of the human environment, they can monopolistically enforce the 'materialist' basic assumptions which lead to rejection of salvation; assumptions such as that there is no god, no 'free will', no higher consciousness, no real communication; that life is a meaningless and purposeless accident of physics, chemistry and biology; that there is no eternal soul, that there is no reality beyond that of the five senses, that humans are ultimately alone, human death is total extinction of individuality - and so on...

For a person induced to accept these metaphysical assumptions, which are essentially rejections of natural spontaneous human beliefs, the only thing to do is pass the brief time before death - presumably to avoid suffering and try to do things that are pleasant and exciting... or at least distracting.

And, more than that, people need to be made to feel that the natural and spontaneous, the hope-full and purposive, are actually evil.

It is not enough to merely reject true values - there must be actual value inversion if people are actively to reject Heaven.

People need to be made to feel that repentance is not just nonsense - but wicked nonsense. People need to be made Proud of their sins... made to feel that their sins are what define them, that their Pride in sin makes them better than the 'conventionlly good' people.

Simply to state this is to recognise how normal and mainstream and officially prompted and enforced has become value inversion.


From this inverted metaphysical perspective (which appears to be normal and normative in The West), humans will voluntarily reject salvation and will choose damnation - because they will disbelieve even the possibility of anything better than psychological subsistence, and because they will actually want damnation, and will feel pride in having chosen it. Such Men will despise the choosers of salvation as timid, conventional, boring, dumb, killjoy, straight, hypocritical, sanctimonious, bourgeois, pale-male, repressed, goody-two-shoes, puritanical... and all the rest of it. For the choosers of Hell, as for demons - Evil is the new Good: the self-damned feel themselves to be not just fun-loving, life-embracing, realists - but also better people than the Saints.

(Just look around at the global leadership class - this is exactly their state of being.)

In sum, the evil global conspiracy works by material means, by monitoring and controlling our material lives; and works to build-in the philosophy of materialism which has life as ephemeral and a matter of evanescent feelings - but nonetheless its ultimate goals are spiritual and eternal.

The materialism is just a means to the end of damnation; the focus on the ephemeral is a means to the eternity of damnation.

If material life becomes thoroughly controlled by evil, and Men can be induced to believe that the material is the only thing that is really-real, then we will have materialism both outside us and inside  of us, therefore dictating what we are; and the success of the evil agenda is all-but guaranteed.

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BenL said...

Amazing, I think (or have a small, nebulous thought on it) and then you explain it. Fully. And add to it.

I had this small passing thought the other day, thinking: "Why do they want this? And so fine grained?"