Friday 15 December 2017

Matter and Spirit - polarity explained

William Wildblood has a book coming-out, which I have had the great luck to read in manuscript - and one of the chapters is an excellent discussion of 'Matter and Spirit' which I found to a clarifying alternative-take on the 'Polarity' question that I have been (with only very partial success!) trying to explain on this blog.

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Adil said...

This is exactly how I've always felt, and I really feel the goal is to attain balance between the two. That is, not glorifying the one over the other, and grounding oneself in the middle. I know this because I'm myself very much sunken into spirit, and therefore not very materially synchronized - and it can be equally as unproductive/harmful as materialistic "zombie-mode".

I believe the Left has idolized matter which is like staring oneself blind on effect, and from there one can only do guesswork. This leads to discrepancy between seeing and happening, since true change can only come from alignment with spirit; not by solely focusing on form and external methods. This will inevitably manifest in a false/twisted reality, where form is stretched outside the domain of spirit, meaning trying to control the world instead of joining it.

Until we get our metaphysics right, and thereby get ourselves straight, we are doomed.