Tuesday 12 February 2019

Does the Global Elite want a massive reduction in world population?

I am, in general, quite sympathetic to conspiracy theorists - and find that something useful can be learned from many of them. But there are some conspiracy theories that have as their background assumption that the evil Global Establishment want a massive reduction in world population, and they are working to achieve this by multiple simultaneous mechanisms; such as fertility and sexuality suppression, seeding the atmosphere with toxic 'chemtrails', causing cancer with electromagnetic radiation (5G) and so forth.

While some of the high level globalist humans are, no doubt, motivated by the intention of killing masses of people whom they regard as useless, or despise for whatever reason; I do not believe that the ultimate conspirators want to damage health or reduce the human population.

In the first place; if even a few powerful and wealthy people really did want to kill vast numbers of people, this would be almost trivially easy for them to accomplish.

It is not difficult to kill people and make them sick (and a great deal of modern understanding and technology has been developed for exactly that purpose) -- it is keeping people alive and healthy that is the problem.

It takes a vast superstructure and infrastructure of human organisation to maintain seven billion people. All that would be required in order to kill most of them is to bring-down that global system of organisation - and (in general) is is the global conspiray who are in charge of the global system of organisation. It would be a quick and simple matter for Them to collapse The System, and kill billions of people in a few months. 

In other words, if They really wanted to kill billions of people; then those billions of people would already be dead.

But the main reason it is not true is because of the motivation of the Conspiracy.

Ultimately, They don't care how many people live or die, or whether they are healthy or sick. The evil Establishment is Not motivated by any desire to accomplish anything that would be helped by population reduction.  

They are demons - not ordinary humans. They want More Demons - not dead, saved humans.

This is a spiritual war we live in; and the concern of evil is negatively-spiritual: in other words the ultimate desire of the Global Establishment is to corrupt the souls of Men, as many Men as possible

So, for the Evil Conspiracy: the more Men, the better.


Ingemar said...

I get what you say about being sympathetic to conspiracy theorists. I finally listened to David Icke a few months ago and if you ignore what his detractors say about him, the bulk of what he has to say for himself is quite reasonable. That of course doesn't mean that I think the reptilians are real.

Seijio Arakawa said...

Hard to say what the human conspirators want because there are very few interventions going on that would be aimed at killing people directly and far more interventions plausibly aimed at rendering people sick, dependent, and infertile — both physically and psychologically — and then keeping them alive for as long as possible while making them officially assent that this outcome is Good. This is obviously conducive to damnation since it prevents focused organized resistance, few people have the serenity to live such a fate without hating Life, and it indirectly produces despair in other people who may be avoiding the worst dangers but have to behold those around them succumb (this is my personal risk). However, such goals are obviously in tension with the long term goal of keeping humanity alive to prey on, which requires a steady supply of new humans, which requires healthy people. The dichotomy of separate demographic “breeder” and “shredder” nations with constant migration may be the demonic attempt to square this circle, but also falls prey to longer-term inability to maintain institutions and infrastructure in such an arrangement.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Seijio - That's much more like it, I would say.

It's worth remembering that there are relatively very few of Them, so Their methods tends to be either very localised or crudley broad brush - with a lot of mistakes and unintentional effects.