Friday 8 February 2019

The 'promise' of demonic power = service to the demonic agenda

People often talk and behave as if someone can get power for serving the demonic agenda; but they never can. What they can get (for a while) is pleasurable rewards for self-subordination to the demonic agenda.

For example, someone may pledge (explicitly, more often implicitly) to serve the evil, demonic agenda - and in return he will be rewarded sexually, or in terms of high salary and social status. This trade is perfectly normal, mainstream - and applies to the great majority of successful people in The West.

But - whatever their initial hopes or motivations, and whatever their short term pleasurable payment - such people do not actually get enhanced power; they never get to impose their own personal agenda on the world.

Demons are not that stupid: the one thing a demon will never yield is power over himself. He will never allow himself to be harnessed to a weaker person's agenda - because that, by definition, can unilaterally be made irreversible.

Selling your soul in return for the reward of power is therefore always a trick - in both the short and long term. It is, in fact, a bait-and-switch - where instead of power the person is given pleasure (i.e. something they crave - often sex, perhaps revenge).

(Among and between those in service - control is 'hedonic'; by fear and lust, sticks and carrots, threats and bribes. Escape is always possible; but requires repentance - and repenting typically entails immediate hedonic penalties.)  

The end result is always that the self-enslaved power-seeker lies to himself that in being compelled to serve the demonic agenda - in doing what is required of him - he is 'really' doing just exactly what he most wants to do.


Epimetheus said...

Interesting. The fundamental malice of demons means you can never "join their team," that you will never be "one of them," safe from their predation while you serve them. They make a point of betraying their servants, like the scorpion on the back of the frog.

Seijio Arakawa said...

Well, yes. I remember reading a self-help book called Think and Grow Rich by a man called Napoleon Hill -- which book seems to be a fairly accurate and potent Book of Magic -- and realizing that its methods are forever tainted by the fact that if you want to Grow Rich by Thinking then your Thinking will have to align itself with all the industrialists who have already Thought and Grown Rich before you... and you will be forced to cooperate with and take on their values, which amount to various varieties of patronizing nihilism that will erase any worthwhile motivation for you to Grow Rich in the first place. But at least you can stand in the same river of money as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison et al. and pretend to be changing the world when you are just following rules set by those who are standing upstream from you.

No thank you.

I assume demonic magic to be the same thing, except you are constrained by the passions and worldview of demons from the ancient eons.

This is all a parody compared to true creation where adding new things to the world creates more future possibilities rather than removing them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Seijio - I have seen this temptation many times, and had it offered to me (without being virtuous, I was constitutionally incapable of yielding even when I wanted to). But the idea goes that when you seek, or if you accept, this promotion it enables you to change things for the better from the inside (and/ or to stop worse people from doing it).

I have seen this lead to the almost total reversal of a person's ideals and goals and character, and then for them to track whatever chages are funnelled from above - and the more a person prided themselves on their skepticism/ cynicism, their individuality - the worse they have fallen.

(Think of the trajectory of the 1960s radicals.)

Such people are very useful to evil, since they provide the most plausible and appealing justifications for joining the dark side.

This is the tremendous evil-power of bureaucracy: one can *only* function in a bureaucracy by pursuig its goals. And persons who genuinely attempts to thwart those goals will be ejected - there cannot be any compatibility, the modern bureaucracy cannot be 'turned' because it is linked to all the others in a global network.

This is how all the churches have been and are-being secularised to the extent they are integrated with The West - part of the systems of laws, finance, dependent on employment etc. They *cannot* stand against the agenda while remaining a part of The System.

Only Thought is free (and that only potentially) - and so long as we are rooted in the material, and in actions (rather than thought) so much we are tools of evil.