Monday 11 February 2019

The real Leftism cares Nothing At All about implementing the (current) Left agenda

It is a trap of the materialist perspective among those who (think that they) oppose the Left, to notice that the main pillar of the (current) left agenda - that is, the Sexual Revolution - is very probably going to be defeated, then reversed, by Multiculuralism.

They say this as a Gotcha! - as if it is an error on behalf of the Left - or something that those who control the left agenda have not noticed, or are - perhaps - too idealistic to believe.

But in fact this is not conflict, nor an oversight - but an important clue to the real nature of Leftism and the real agenda of those behind it - an agenda which has nothing to do with any of the shopping list of the Left agenda.

The real Left care precisely Nothing At All about social justice, socialism, antiracism, feminism, pacifism, the homosexual or trans agendas... So why should they care if multiculturalism defeats the sexual agenda?

The real Left has a spiritual agenda and merely uses the shopping list of 'isms' as temporary, expedient, disposable means to that spiritual end.

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