Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Controlling by confusing (when not misleading)

"That is simplistic. It's more complicated than that - the situation is extremely complex..."

Such terms mean: I understand and you do not; so shut-up and do what I say.

Things are, in a sense, much too complicated for any-one to understand - and if no-one understands than no-body and nothing understand.

When a single person cannot understand as-a-whole, then it is not understood (and people are in reality merely implementing simple algorithms, which they do not understand).

A group of people, each understanding a little bit - nobody understanding the totality, and called a Team; does Not amount to understanding. They are flying blind.

At another level - it is all terribly simple, and every-body understands... understands well enough to be going-on with.

At the level of data/ information things are impossible; but at the level of intuitive knowing (if we can reach-down and touch-this, swamped as it is beneath a swirling mass of data/ information) then everything needful is known and everything necessary is possible.

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