Tuesday, 19 March 2019

My patchy mini-autobiography

Recent readers may not be aware of a supposedly-humorous autobiography, called Lucky Philosopher, which includes some scattered episodes from my life, up to about thirty years ago. It may mildly amuse a certain type of person - but I offer no guarantees.

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dearieme said...

You remember more about primary school than I do.

I do remember my triumph in the school band. I was so good on the little-yellow-stick-with-a-bell-on-each-end that I was promoted to the triangle.

It was in the band, too, that I learnt how much of "leadership" is to do with faking. A pretty little girl was told that she was to be our conductor. "What do I do?" she enquired. "Just wave that stick in time with the band" she was told.

Mind you, even that task would be beyond Teresa May.