Friday, 29 March 2019

The Choice Is Made: 29th March 2019 - the day of wyrd

At Albion Awakening, William Wildblood describes some of the many aspects of this momentous - doom-laden - day... not just for Britain but for the world; since by failing to leave the European Union, Britain has failed the world.

Since the leaving has been delayed once, it can and will be delayed again, and again. The pretend Brexit 'deal' on the table is no Brexit at all. Leaving the EU is an all or nothing thing; and the only way to leave the EU is No Deal - which is what (until not many days ago) was planned for this evening, and is now dead.

At one obvious level, this is a betrayal of The People by the British Establishment on a scale not seen for hundreds of years. But at the deepest level, the Establishment are pushing at an open door. This is a failure of the British people as a whole, a failing to respond to the awakening gift of the past three years.

If this Brexit experience has not been enough to wake us from sleepwalking to damnation (and it has not) then nothing will wake us. Evil never gets more obvious until it is too late to escape, yet evil has remained unnoticed.

Not surprisingly... How can evil be known when God is rejected? The overwhelming majority of British people remain exactly the same godless zombies they were three years ago; and such 'people' cannot save themselves either individually or collectively. Yes, they have been betrayed; but so feeble is their motivation to reject a totalitarian future, that it amounts to willing collusion.

Henceforth we live in a conquered nation inhabited by crushed and complaint collaborators, and things will presumably get very much worse very quickly because - why not? There is nothing to stop it.

Instead of showing the way to salvation; Britain has shown the way to evil totalitarianism for the rest of the Western world; because no nation in Western Europe of the Anglosphere is in significantly better spiritual condition than Britain; don't kid yourselves!

All of the West are the same godless materialistic hedonists; all ruled by the exact same Global Establishment with the same anti-Christian agenda.

And such spiritless people as mass modern atheistic Leftist Western Men will never (they physically cannot) motivate-themselves to do anything better than consume and be consumed-by the plans of the mass media and state propaganda.

We can only be saved by a Christian awakening - that has not changed. But the possibilities are, from today, limited to individuals.

All institutions will be fully-absorbed into The System or destroyed, and each individual will be working against a massive, strategic, linked-bureaucracy of evil inversion, dishonesty and corruption.

Fortunately, thanks to Jesus; every single person has the resources to escape the nets of evil and accept the gift of life eternal in Heaven - we all are spiritually indomitable, if we so choose.

Unfortunately, hardly anybody wants to resist and triumph; or else we would not be where we are: here, now, today: 29 March 2019.

The choice is made. 


Francis Berger said...

When it comes to our modern democracies, I have become an utterly disillusioned man (and I didn't have too many illusions to begin with).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis. It is possible taht Hungary - and Central Europe - may have a different, and disconnected, destiny than the West - as does Eastern Europe (and Russia). Or perhaps there will be for Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia - perhaps even cultural-Germany? - a choice between East and West...

Francis Berger said...

@BC - Terry Boardman mentioned something similar in one of his videos. It is a possibility. Still, I spent most of my life in the West/Anglosphere, and this idea of a choice between East and West saddens me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LB - Thanks, fixed.

Sackerson said...

There are those who say that Albion will return to lead Europe. The other way round is a disaster aiming at catastrophe.

Bruce Charlton said...

@S - I don't know that Europe should be led - ideally, I would suppose that France, Italy, (cultural-) Germany, and Spain (at least) would each have distinctive destinies.

Crosbie said...

12th April is more historically auspicious, being the day the Union Flag was first adopted. It was also apparently the day the crusaders breached the walls of Constantinople, whatever that might signify. Nothing much seems to have happened on 29th March.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C "Nothing much seems to have happened on 29th March. "... Exactly.

Avro G said...

From Wikipedia:

"Originally and often still specifically, a racket was a criminal act in which the perpetrator or perpetrators fraudulently offer a service to solve a nonexistent problem, a service that will not be put into effect, or a service that would not exist without the racket."

Assume "your government" is a racket as defined here and you will never be disappointed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Avro - They are (even) worse than a racket! In the sense that a racket is self interested only.

Our Global government is strategically evil, even when this goes against the self-interest of the individuals concerned, who may indeed be consumed and cast aside in the process (because the humans are in service, in thrall, to the powers of purposive evil).