Friday, 22 March 2019

Hungary's existential showdown with the European Union

A report from insider Francis Berger:

...With compromise seemingly out of the question, something must give. In my opinion, whatever “gives” will determine not only Hungary’s fate, but the long-term feasibility of the European Union as whole.

What are the stakes? Well, as the quote above demonstrates, on the one side you have the EU’s Babylonian vision of Europe - the establishment of a homogenized, bureaucratic, totalitarian state controlled under the banners of my favorite value delusions: freedom, democracy, and human rights. On the other side you have the struggle for the re-establishment of a Europe of sovereign nations.

What the forces of democracy, freedom, and human rights ultimately want is a continuation of the migrant crisis of 2015; the establishment of “safe and orderly” migration of millions of non-European people into Europe until the European people themselves drown within the borders of their own countries. Anyone who still has the audacity to claim the social-engineering war the EU, in cooperation with the UN, has waged against its own people is nothing more than a sinister conspiracy theory can, at this point, be neither trusted nor endorsed...

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