Friday, 22 March 2019

When people are deliberately trying to confuse you - it is because the situation is too obvious

I'm talking about Brexit - again. I survey the headlines on this subject every day at present, to see what the mass media are talking about.

And I see complete confusion - but a different kind of confusion than on the couple of days after the Brexit result when there was a crazed but coordinated venting against the Leave decision. This time, they really are confused - almost every newspaper and media outlet is saying something different. That is, indeed, the most obvious thing happening - everybody angrily blaming 'somebody else'...

Since this is the outcome of two and three quarters years of detailed planning with just one week to go; clearly the confusion is deliberate and contrived. Behind the scenes are those who are not at all confused - but want everybody else to be confused.

Why? Presumably because the real situation is both clear and shameful - and the confusers don't want people to perceive exactly what they are doing.

I am convinced that - as a generalisation - the reality of politics is very, very simple. There is no finesse, nuance, balance - it is a matter of clear choices (albeit the most usual situation is 'Hobson's choice' - two choices that make no real difference).The supposed-complexities are either camoflague (this is the usual) or unknowns (that, because not known, cannot be, and are not being, taken into consideration).

With Brexit the clear decision was to Leave the European Union. The outcome is clear - either we leave or we do not. Therefore the confusion can only be to cover-up that the intention is Not to Leave the EU.

The intent is to make people suppose that we have left the EU, but really we have-Not - and for this fact to dawn upon the majority only gradually, in a confused and unclear fashion.

What is most Not wanted (what is being avoided by clouds of confusion) is for the UK Not to leave the EU, and for everybody to recognise this as a fact all-at-once.

Indeed, the intent is for this confusion to obscure the 'fact' so thoroughly and for such a sustained period, that all dissent will be taken up by futile attempts to gain official clarity; and by inducing a kind of permanent civil war of words in which both Leave and remain sides suspect that they have lost, and are looking for someone else to blame for whatever bad things will happen.

My inference is that the people really to blame are likely to be the only ones Not being mentioned.

I guess those really to blame are... whoever is out-of-sight, pulling the Prime Minister's strings, speaking through her mouth, and sustaining her in power.

They must be out-of-sight and very powerful; because the PM never has been any more than a mediocre middle manager, has no personal convictions or integrity, and has no visible means of support. 

What we have now is a consequence of their plan. But is it going to plan? I suspect it isn't; because - in the heart of the majority who want Leave - people have seen-through what is going-on. The only one's taking it seriously are the politicians and the media, the ruling classes and intelligentsia.

The rest of us Brexiteers wait and watch. If we do not really Leave the EU in one week; We Will Know.

Note added: To clarify, the only short-term Bad outcome would be if we accepted Teresa May's Brexit-in-name-only--but actually worse than before asif it was a real Brexit. If Brexit really happens that is best; but if Brexit was decisively rejected, and we explicitly Remain in the EU - then that would be OK. In other words, if people realise the reality of our situation - that is Good: and after that it is up to each individual person how they respond. If we continue willingly to live in delusion - then we are certainly doomed.


Fo4Ho1 said...

Good luck. I'm not even there but am very angered and frustrated about your 'mess'.

It is absolutely amazing how your government can screw this up. reminiscant of 'repeal and replace' and 'build that wall'.

ah the ruling class.

Bruce Charlton said...

@F - The Government didn't screw it up - the situation is deliberate. Brexit supporters knew that this kind of thing would happen, and its timing almost to the nearest day (in my family, we have been counting down to it!).

The incompetence isn't in the situation, but the failure to convince the Brexit supporting public thta it is anything other than a betrayal of duties and promises.

This situation was predicted - but what nobody knows is what will happen next. Things willnever be the same again - but in what particular way, I don't think anyone yet knows. Either the British people have been utterly beaten - and the rulers will know it, and can then do pretty much anything they want.

Or somehow, in some way, this will be the start of a very long 'war' of the native people against their government and rulers. Which would be something England hasn't seen for centuries.

The Social Pathologist said...

Yep, this is the British Deep State deliberately trying to obscure the situation.

Luther Burgsvik said...

If it is a long war as you suggest then it will be seriously complicated by the presence of a (growing) immigrant population in the country, whom the rulers seek to look favourably upon. Such a situation seems to be without an historical equivalent (*) which makes it difficult to foresee any kind of resolution.

(*) The closest equivalent that springs to mind is in Scotland during the Highland Clearances, when the Lords sought to replace men with sheep for purely monetary purposes (wool was more profitable than arable crops). But even then, the Scottish commoner wasn't despised by the Scottish Lords to the extent that the indigenous English are despised by the ruling class.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LB - My main concern (in principle, when I remember) is spiritual - at present the British have surrendered-to, or actively embrace, evil (in the form of totalitarianism).

If we begin (in greater numbers - at present the numbers seems extremely small) to recognise and resist evil; then many more souls would be saved, lives made meaningful.

Fo4Ho1 said...

Sorry Bruce, you are quite right, and I keep forgetting the war of the words. I, like many others, have to stop repeating the lies, such as 'they screwed it up, and state the truth as you did, 'they intentionally have put off Brexit with the intention of never implementing it'.

When I was there last, around 2005, and the one park square near our hotel that I hoped to use just to read a book was 'off-limits' except to muslims, and the day we walked over to harrahs and saw who dominates that scene, it really saddened me.

This is war. it didn't end in 1453 or at Vienna. And the ruling class is determined to abet in our destruction.