Saturday, 2 March 2019

Perception deception is not enough - metaphysical deception is more important

David Icke has often emphasised the extent to which the evil Establishment use their control of information and communication to enforce a 'perception deception'. Clearly this is important enough that increasing efforts are expended on filtering and distorting the mass media and public discourse generally.

But on its own, this would be ineffective. For example, a large majority of Christianity's billion-plus strong rival monothesism who are utterly immune to the media and official sources of deception, when it comes to matters pertaining upon their own religion; and this applies even among those living in developed nations and deluged by the full forces of modern materialistic Leftist propaganda.

Yet the great majority of Christians, in these same nations, are ineducably gullible when it comes to mass media manipulation. No matter how often they are lied to, and then discover the lies; they stubbornly continue to believe what they are told by the mainstream sources of 'news', state propaganda, and mainstream 'educational' institutions.

What this shows us is that even when perceptions are almost fully controlled and coherent in their distortion; this has very little effect on someone whose assumptions are not receptive - while on the other hand, someone who is disposed to believe the kind of stuff being fed-them, will continue to believe no matter what their personal experience may be.

Adherents of Christianity's great rival know (correctly) that Western rulers are fundamentally hostile to their religion and will not believe otherwise (no matter what information they are fed); whereas Western Christians simply cannot believe (no matter how much experience and evidence confirms it) that the Establishment are servants of evil and engaged in the strategic destruction of Christianity.

Neither group learns from experience (including from perceptions) because the vital factor is how experience is understood; and that depends on the assumptions in-light-of-which the perceptual data are interpreted. 

In sum, the Perception Deception strategy only works in The West because we have been set-up with a set of fundamental assumptions (ie. a metaphysical system) which leads us inevitably to be deceived in the ways that the Establishment wishes.

These fundamental assumptions include the whole ideology variously-named as materialism, positivism, reductionism, scientism and the like - it is that atheist, this-worldly, anti-spiritual - and Leftist - set of assumptions that have been built incrementally since the 17th century, and upon which the entirety of public life operates - even for (nearly all) would-be serious Christians.

Therefore, Christian belief tends to be a shallow and encapsulated assertion - and all of the main business of everyday social and working life operates on entirely unrelated secular-materialist-Leftist principles; and in practice it is the SML principles that are given priority and Christianity which gets fitted into them (or rejected).

My conclusion is that many/ most people are prone to neglect the most important reason why our society is so deeply corrupt and evil, and so blindly complacent to that fact and consequences. Even if (which is not going to happen) we had a balanced media and functionally-orientated institutions; we would still be on track to physical and spiritual annihilation; because our deepest convictions about the nature of reality are false.

But nobody, not even from the churches, is going to encourage you to examine your false and fatal metaphysical assumptions; if you want to become immune to evil manipulation, you will have to do this for yourself


lgude said...

I have to say that it was Bruce's strong and overt assertion quite some time ago that the Secular Modern Left are engaged in the purposeful destruction of Christianity and are actually evil is what it took for me to finally admit to myself that things were actually that bad. Most 'reasonable' people would probably experience the assertion as over the top, or worse paranoid and crazy. Yet I find it to be so. By direct experience. It is also something that once seen cannot be unseen. In the past week I have long conversations with two friends who describe themselves as 'on the left' but who are genuinely religious people. One a Buddhist, the other a Roman Catholic who relate bitter stories of how the SML has acted in arrogant and coercive ways to enforce their agenda in their work. Each is beginning in different ways to do the metaphysical work, but it is only beginning and can't be rushed, in my experience, in the early stages. And I too know I have many metaphysical miles to go before i sleep. So thank you, Bruce.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Igude - The difficulty of doing 'metaphysical work' to get yourself out of the trap is, I suppose, why it was worth the dark forces efforts in building the current situation over such a long term (of many generations), adding piece by piece in a mutually reinforcing structure. Recognising a single error is not enough - because the errors all support each other.