Saturday 14 September 2019

Jeremy Naydler on the impending 5G

In November of 2018, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorised the rocket company SpaceX... to launch a fleet of 7,518 satellites... 

The satellites will operate at a height of approximately 210 miles, and irradiate the Earth with extremely high frequencies between 37.5 GHz and 42 GHz. This fleet will be in addition to a smaller SpaceX fleet of 4,425 satellites, already authorised earlier in the year by the FCC, which will orbit the Earth at a height of approximately 750 miles and is set to bathe us in frequencies between 12 GHz and 30 GHz...

There are at present approximately two thousand fully functioning satellites orbiting the Earth...

Other companies... are each launching their own smaller fleets, bringing the total number of projected new broadband satellites to around 20,000...

The introduction of 5G will require hundreds of thousands of new mini mobile phone masts... in urban centres throughout the UK, and literally millions of new masts in cities throughout the rest of the world, all emitting radiation at frequencies and at power levels far higher than those to which we are presently subjected. 

These masts... will be discreetly attached to the side of shops and offices or secured to lampposts. The 20,000 satellites are a necessary supplement to this land-based effort, for they will guarantee that... not one inch of the globe will be free of radiation.

Edited from an article by Jeremy Naydler in New View magazine.

Regular readers will know of my respect for Jeremy Naydler; so I take his warnings seriously.

My understanding of the 5G phenomenon is that it part of the Global Totalitarian (and transhumanist) agenda - it appears to be, in its urgency and almost wild desperation and over-reach, a last and largest grab at achieving that centrally-directed omni-surveillance and micro-control that the demonic powers apparently regard as their best strategy for mass damnation.

Since - in this post Christian, materialistic world or hedonic nihilism; there is near-zero resistance to the totalitarian agenda and its aspects such as a 5G-irradiated-everything - indeed, there is far more of keenness and approval; the race is on between opposed trends: one towards the collapse of social order/ technological capability; and the other towards the waking-nightmare of Global Transhumanism.

Which will come first? Collapse or the Brave New-1984?

Which would you, personally, prefer?

Note: By my understanding 5G is not an issue of business profits versus mass health - as most of those who oppose it seem to suppose (after all, with this level of infrastructure, the only 'profits' will come from truly-massive hidden subsidies paid-for by taxpayers: it's basically a government-funded project). The issue is whether or not we want a quantum leap in Global totalitarian surveillance and control versus rolling this back at whatever cost it takes.


S.K. Orr said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Bruce. A friend of mine who works in a high-tech field began warning me of this trend some time ago.

One of the more chilling sections was this:

"The use of Augmented Reality, made possible
through special helmets, electronic glasses, or contact
lenses, that overlay virtual content onto the experience
of the physical world, will add to the confusion, as the
virtual is increasingly integrated within the real world."
People will become adjusted to regarding the virtual
world as having as great a claim on their attention,
their emotions and thoughts, as the natural world. The
temptation will be to give their loyalty to that which
not only undermines their relatedness to nature but also,
through its assault on the imagination, has a corrosive
effect on the inner life of the soul."

Each of us must begin spending as much time as we can in deep contemplation of these developments. "What do I think will happen? What do I WANT to happen? And what is my likely response or course of action as this unfolds?"

Bracing stuff.

dearieme said...

And then there were the people who said that travelling by train at more than 30 mph would kill the passengers. I have no view on 5G but am well aware that virtually every technical change is greeted by doomsayers. I am, however, sympathetic to caution. We should allow the EU to use 5G with its lamppost decorations and other felicities while we watch keenly from our offshore haven. About the satellites we can presumably do nothing - unless we can persuade someone to shoot them down. Or ....

WKPD: "The largest recorded geomagnetic perturbation, resulting presumably from a CME hitting the Earth's magnetosphere, was the solar storm of 1859 (the Carrington Event), which took down parts of the recently created US telegraph network, starting fires and shocking some telegraph operators." Could God send one of these to protect us?

dearieme said...

Two other points.

(i) Your chum writes "There are at present approximately two thousand fully functioning satellites orbiting the Earth. Some beam down ... The Earth is thus already comprehensively irradiated from outer space." That really won't do. The Earth has been irradiated from outer space forever. Bah humbug!

(ii) He reports that Elcon Busk is behind one of the satellite projects. I relax, since the project will therefore run late, the equipment will not work reliably, and the satellites will be prone to bursting into flames before they reach orbit. There must also be a fair chance that Mr Busk will be bankrupt and in jail before too long which may slow things further.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d "And then there were the people who said that travelling by train at more than 30 mph would kill the passengers."

And the people who said that if you kept the smart women in college and gave them contraceptives and abortions, most would stop having children... Oh yeah, those ones were right.

I have no opinion about the health issues, except that it is not absurd to suppose that EM radiation would be harmful in a dose- and wavelength-dependent fashion; and to note that if it Was harmful, and They did not want to acknowledge the harm, and everybody everywhere was getting similar exposure, then we would never know.

But I agree that the whole is quite likely Not To Work -- in a world where everybody is spinning and bull-shitting to the max, the whole thing may be a fake.

Cererean said...

I'm not seeing the connection to mass surveillance. Unless they're planning to include cameras and microphones on the micro-masts? Is it that they'll have enough bandwidth to put cameras *everywhere*?

Wallfacers, at least, will still be safe from observation. People inside buildings as well.

There's also the possibility God will send another Babel plague. A CME would do the trick.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - I'm not speculating on the details, presumably via the 'smart' (i.e. intercommunicating, buggable, remote controllable) electronic devices that have been welcomed into our homes and workplaces; just the intent.

No need for plague or anything spectacular - it's just a matter of allowing current anti-capability/ pro-inefficiency/ self-hating/ suicidal trends to operate unopposed (we don't perceive the innuerable ways in which things are kept going, against the odds and strategies of Our Masters).

Matthew T said...

My understanding of the 5G phenomenon is that it part of the Global Totalitarian (and transhumanist) agenda

That's been my understanding as well. It explains the bizarre half-mad rush to impose 5G when no one (that I know of) apparently wants it. Exactly nowhere has it has been explained what exactly the benefits of "5G" are supposed to be.

James Higham said...

Trains and radiation, Dearieme, are hardly the same thing, hardly have the same reach.

dearieme said...

Quite so, Hob. Radiation is everywhere and always has been, though the levels were much higher for much of the evolution of our ancestral species. Trains is artificial.

John Fitzgerald said...

Having been in the electronics/computer business since the early 1980's, I can attest to the lessening of warning materials being applied to various systems and equipment. Anyone who has been around any type of transmitting device industry can certainly attest to that as well.

Cell phone companies know they are pushing a dangerous technology. Their transmitter towers are outsourced to one off companies to distance liability. And re-insurers will not insure any cell phone entity as they know the inherent risks.