Thursday 26 September 2019

The Global Establishment are Not a death cult (It's much worse than That...)

Because evil is Not primarily about inflicting premature death. And certainly Not when death leads to Heaven.

Evil is about damnation. Therefore, for evil, death is something to be delayed until after the individual has made a solid choice of Hell. Ultimately, for evil; human suffering is only desirable when suffering tends to lead to rejection of God, Good, Heaven and Creation. 

If They were primarily a death cult, then the developed nations would not be (as they currently are) fuller of old people than any society ever in history.  

If They were primarily motivated to cause mass death (sickness and suffering) then it would be trivially easy for Them to inflict a great deal more of it.

Obviously, They greatly enjoy human suffering - especially fear: both long term angst and acute terror - and at the lower levels (among the minions of 'chaotic evil') that may be the mastering passion.

But a mob of lust crazed sadistic demons could not pursue the multi-generational strategy of damnation that has all-but inverted the moral and aesthetic basis of society; and made lies mandatory and truth taboo as Hate Facts punishable as Hate Crimes. 

The Establishment leaders and rulers are long-termist strategists of evil; focused on their primary ultimate purpose, which is damnation.

So it is much closer to reality to emphasise that the Establishment are Satanists - "Satan worshipping paedophiles", for example - but for most mainstream people this is all just a joke.

Most people don't believe in damnation, because they don't believe in Heaven; they think Satanism is a joke, because Hell is a joke. Therefore the Establishment can operate on their major task without need for secrecy and in full public view.

It is only the second-order (short-termist, self-gratifying, means to an end) tactics that need to be concealed. Sexual torture of children, slavery, mind-control, intimidation and bribery and all the rest of it.

These are secret because the public find them repulsive, people are misled into thinking that these secret goals are primary; but they are also secret because they are so vile that ordinary people cannot imagine anyone doing them. (And - too often - pride themselves on this limitation of imagination, on this rejection of reality.)

It is perhaps the primary role of the mass media to conceal these second order evil activities, by becoming (through addiction and censorship) the only publicly acceptable source of information. 

In fact the main goals of the Establishment are upfront, explicit and official (albeit expressed in bureaucratic, hence misleading, terms); they are the major initiatives of the multi-national organisations (United Nations etc.); the government strategies, the mission statements of all the large and powerful institutions (government, charity, corporations, law, education, 'science', the mainstream churches, the mass media etc).

The only concealment or distraction is that the true goals are often expressed as their reciprocals. Anti-Christianity is expressed as pretended pro-multi-culturalism. Anti-white native men is expressed in terms of systemic and personal preferences pretending to favour women, immigrants and migrants and people other-than white.

The sexual/ gender revolution pretends to liberate when its intention is to enslave and mind-control the masses - economically, sexually and in every other way.

The global system of electronic omni-surveillance and micro-control is presented as a means of protection.

Such excuses would be seen immediately as the naive and dumb manipulations they are by any religiously rooted society; but when the masses are afflicted by the psychotic disease of atheism, their gullibility, credulity and incapacity to reason cannot be over-estimated.

But anyway, the point is that the Establishment are Not primarily trying to harm people; and those who claim they are invite easy refutation. If False Flag terrorist atrocities were designed to harm people, or to make money; there would be a lot more of them, and a lot larger scale. If mass killing and population reduction was their goal; then the world and national populations would be shrinking. If they wanted civil wars - there would be civil wars.

Since none of this is happening - and ought to be happening if They were a death Cult; the reality of a strategically-evil Global Establishment is easily denied because refuted by experience. 

If, instead, atrocities by the Global Establishment are understood as primarily a means to the end of damnation, which entails a careful balance of mass manipulation - then it all falls into place. But for that you must believe in the reality of the demonic, who oppose God and God's plans for creation.

Yet the masses are pre-immunised against such simple reasoning by their materialism, atheism, hedonism. They are being incrementally herded into a bureaucratic totalitarian Hell; while themselves believing and asserting that this Hell is a Heaven of sex, fun, distraction and unbounded human possibilities...

This isn't rocket science... Man just-is a religious animal. When God is denied, Man becomes insane, incoherent - loses even basic common sense. When God is denied, nothing makes sense - and people cannot see the obvious. When God is denied - evil can therefore operate in plain sight.

When God is denied, evil takes God's place; and we live in an world of inverted values that - we insist, looked at in properly - is actually the right-way-up.    


Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

Great post. Thomas Williams of the THI show on spreaker each week, has said that 100 years ago, the White population of the world stood at around 30%. Now it is about 12%. So something is afoot.

Bruce Charlton said...

@IS - I would add that there certainly is some gratuitous killing, tormenting etc - some of this will presumably be to the unrestrained outbursts of short-termist sadism and lust among low level operatives (who will also fight amongst themselves - typical 'chaotic evil'); but some will be planned to assist with the long term strategy of evil.

For example it is helpful if the general population can be induced to despair, and desire their own subfertility and death ('for the good of the planet' etc). Or to loathe themselves (their own family, or region or nation or race) so that they feel that it is 'fair' that some 'other' comes and steals, loots, rapes, murders then - and even if they regard it as 'fair' that such invasions should be encouraged and paid for by their representatives. Or if men believe that men 'deserve' to suffer and be punished for all the oppression of women past and present.

There is also the inducing of chronic angst and acute fear by creating diseases and terror deaths etc - which enable all kinds of oppressive technologies, laws and policies to be implemented.

All this is mainstream modern morality, supported by fake knowledge and one-step-reasoning illogic, and such morality is positively regarded as ultimate idealistic universal altruism.

Of course, this is the morality of self-made dupes - despised and laughed-at by those on the evil side who encourage it!

And there is a lot of greed for money and power - which are desired in their own right; but - over time - mainly so that these resources can then be used to support the long term mission - as with the many Foundations, Pressure Groups, Think Tanks, NGOs and 'Charities' supported by the rich and powerful of the Evil Establishment.

My point is that this stuff (sadism, lust, greed, control) is Not primarily an end in itself - but mainly organised, with strategic intent of damnation.

Andrew said...

I posit that a significant percentage of Westerners have been too traumatized emotionally and psychologically over the previous few generations to form stable families. It's not that they are choosing against doing so with clear heads and clear reasons; they're simply incapable of it. They're too damaged. They're like a drowning person just trying stay above the surface level of the water by grabbing whatever is nearby that floats. Life is just one long extended effort to keep from sinking. This is why some sort of totally unprecedented Divine intervention is essentially a sure thing at this point.

-Andrew E.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Andrew - I used to think so, but I don't anymore - at least not any kind of large scale, mass public intervention (not anything like a second coming/ judgement day, because that idea seems to have been added after Jesus's life; which anyway rendered it unneccessary) - but instead a continuation of the 'normal' kind of individual intervention that has always happened. That would be the only thing effective. Any mass miraculous thing would be ignored/ suppressed/ explained away/ explained as aliens/ explained as Russians or Chinese/ explained as virtual reality-brainwashing/ not believed/ be counter-productive etc.

William Wildblood said...

We have free will which is the whole point of being a human being. We are not too damaged to turn to God. Divine intervention on a scale sufficient to convince the unconvinced would take away our free will and the reason for our life in the world which is to turn to God voluntarily. We are here to choose God because we want God not because we have no choice but to do so.

a_probst said...

You responded to Andrew's last point but not his first, about Westerners being too traumatized to form stable families. I've never felt I was earning enough to support a wife and children, so I never married. This is probably true of many people, although we hear more about failed marriages, co-habitation, and children-out-of-wedlock.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ap - I don't know what Andrew means by traumatised.

In the past war, enslavement, chronic disease etc didn't prevent people having stable families.

Atheism/ materialism makes people (on average) psychotic and implicitly suicidal (by subfertility and the yearning for replacement) for sure - and that is what I regard as the main cause of unstable families (since highly religious people psychologically separated from modernity - Christians, Muslims and Jews - still have stable families) but describing atheism/ materialism as a trauma doesn't seem to be very helpful or accurate.

Andrew said...

One difference between now and all past eras is that we're in the End Days and thus, in preparation for Judgement, all the spiritual darkness of the 1/3 of the universe that fell with Satan is being funneled to the Earth. We're under far more spiritual oppression than any previous time. And this has immense effects on people's souls and bodies and their abilities to function in normal ways (mental health, families, children, etc). This is why I say God needs His best people born into the world in this time because things would be even worse than they are with people less inclined towards God.

-Andrew E.

a_probst said...

Maybe 'traumatized' was too extreme a word. 'Fearful' is closer. Though Catholic I grew up in a secularist society and many of its materialist assumptions, such as having success and status in a career, I grafted onto my worldview without noticing the disparity.

The mass media were also emphasizing the pains of family life, usually with ridicule, and never the triumphs. It was even treated as a detour in life.

Lack of career success initially and the fear of never achieving it framed my decisions. But the view of cacophonous family life was never far from my thoughts, inducing a fear of insufficient funds and out-of-control children.

Francis Berger said...

I agree with everything you have written in this post and the lengthy comment you subsequently added. Having said that, I am (sincerely) curious about one thing. Who believes the GE is a death cult rather than a system of damnation?

Most moderns seem to believe the system is great (except for climate change and other such activist issues) and the ones who don't seem to be mostly dissatisfied with material concerns. Both groups also seem to believe the system can be tweaked or revolutionized in some way to create ideal conditions.

With the exception of a few politically motivated radicals here and there, I have not encountered much in the way of describing the GE as a death cult whose primary motivation mass death.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - Various places - recently David Icke titled a video that way

Ironically, Icke doesn't really regard Them as primarily a death cult, but more like what I say (but within a context of the broadly 'Eastern Philosophy' he believes in. I think the temptation is to accuse Them of what most shocks people - e.g. planning mass disease/ murder etc - however, that is what is most easiy refuted.

Bruce Charlton said...

@IS - "White population of the world stood at around 30%. Now it is about 12%" No mystery about that stat! Having created the industrial revolution and made themselves a world where child mortality rates plummeted from about 60% to about 1% - the Europeans (esepcially the Establishment) decided to abandon God, become subfertile and seek their own extinction, and subsidise the rest of the world to raise large families.

David said...

David - My experience, at least among my peer age group, is that people don't have families because it is inconvenient and would get in the way of being able to enjoy the unrestricted life of hedonism of a perpetual adolescent! Perhaps that sounds harsh but I have encountered that time and again. There is a fundamental lack of seriousness about life generally and about having Children specifically. They might like the idea of Children at some level, perhaps part-time for the fun bits...but making a sustained personal sacrifice to raise Children?! Nah, another holiday and some trendy cocktail bars instead please...and why not? The bottom line is life should be fun all the time, and if it's not, well you are doing it wrong!

Ingemar said...

@a_probst: Why internalize somebody else's prejudices about marriage and family?

I used to think the way that you do; what shook me from that mindset was seeing all the people with less resources than me marrying and having kids.

Sometimes when "They" tell you it can't be done/it's not worth it you have to do that very thing.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Contra your theses, Dr Charlton, I can think of 2 ways in which They are effectively a Death Cult:

1. Death understood as Spiritual Death. That is, the annihilation of the Spirit, both in our mortal body and in our immortal body. That is, a total rejection of "Life Eternal".

2. Death is not merely a unitary event (a complete cessation of all bodily functions, leading to the cemetery). The body and Soul are manifold, and whilst (parts) of the body may be alive (for example, the heart beating and the brain keeping respiration functioning), many parts of the body and spirit may be switched off (I won't say destroyed, because that is contingent upon repentance). That could clearly be considered a form of Death.

I do believe they are a Death Cult, and I see this in my false self, which was programmed completely by the systems and people which were slaves of the system, which often desires death in many ways. Even though, I do believe that with time and healing through Jesus Christ, this will be overcome.

Death is the ultimate evil. And they worship Evil... so how would they not worship Death?

Bruce Charlton said...

David - Yes, that is the rational response of secular hedonism. The demographic data is very clear - it is religion that sustains above-replacement chosen fertility (of course, when reproduction is/ was a by product of sex, things are different). Subtract religion, and one of the consequences is a collapse of chosen fertility.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GB - Fair point - It's another way of saying 'damnation'. But understanding it does require that people be of a spiritual mindset which is very rare in the West today. I'm saying that in trying to engage with the secular materialist mindset the materialist persepctive - focused on health and lifespan - is making its case about the evil global conspiracy easy to refute.

a_probst said...


"Why internalize somebody else's prejudices about marriage and family?" Exactly. The process is often unconscious. In my case, I assumed that someday I would get married but I kept putting it off until 'my ship came in', that is, when I had a good income and was getting a good handle on the working world.